Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

Pluristem's PLX Cells Show Efficacy in Treating Lung Disease Written by Kathy 689
Neuralstem Receives Notice Of Issuance For Patent Covering Human Neural Cell Transplantation For Neurodegenerative Conditions Written by Kathy 594
Medical College of Wisconsin researcher to study new treatment for chronic pain Written by Kathy 559
Bone marrow transplant eliminates signs of HIV infection 2 Brigham and Women's Hospital patients have no detectable traces of HIV following transplantation Written by Kathy 525
First child to receive stem-cell trachea transplant doing well after two years Written by Kathy 1088
Precision StemCell's Revolutionary InVivo Adult Stem Cell Reprogramming Procedure Shows Potential for Treating ALS Written by Kathy 572
Seventeenth Patient Dosed in Neuralstem ALS Stem Cell Trial Written by Kathy 592
Adult stem cells from liposuction used to create blood vessels in the lab Written by Kathy 611
Rheumatoid Arthritis New Major Clinical Target After Mesoblast Obtains Positive Results in Inflammatory Arthritis Written by Kathy 538
Vitro Biopharma Strengthens and Expands Its Distribution Agreement With Neuromics Written by Kathy 701
Israel adult stem cell trials - hope for ALS patients? Written by Kathy 746
Stem Cells Show Promise as Heart Failure Treatment Written by Kathy 676
IntelliCell BioSciences Files Patent Application for a New Research Technique Written by Kathy 614
The Yin and Yang of Stem Cell Quiescence and Proliferation Written by Kathy 644
Cytomedix Announces Collaboration With Duke University on Phase I Clinical Study of ALD-451 in Malignant Glioma Written by Kathy 660
Pluristem Partners with CPC Clinical Research for Peripheral Artery Disease Study Written by Kathy 626
StemCells, Inc. Announces Its Human Neural Stem Cells Restore Memory in Models of Alzheimer's Disease Written by Kathy 566
New Model of Alzheimer's Derived From Skin Cells of People With the Disease Written by Kathy 635
Medistem Launches Critical Limb Ischemia Clinical Trial Written by Kathy 810
Regeneus validates therapeutic benefits of stem cell secretions platform Written by Kathy 600
Athersys Receives Orphan Drug Designation for MultiStem in Hurler's Syndrome Written by Kathy 520
TiGenix Enrolls First Patients in Pivotal Phase III Trial With Lead Product Cx601 in Perianal Fistulas Written by Kathy 727
Capricor Announces FDA Approval To Initiate ALLSTAR Trial of Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy In Patients Following Heart Attack Written by Kathy 519
Discovery of Epigenetic Links in Cell-Fate Decisions of Adult Stem Cells Paves Way for New Osteoporosis Treatments Written by Kathy 496
Amniotic fluid offers alternative stem cell source Written by Kathy 688
Israeli Channel 2 reports: Dramatic Change in Patient with ALS and MG following Compassionate Use of BrainStorm's NurownTM Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 565
Prochymal Significantly Reduces Hypertrophy, Arrhythmia and Progression to Heart Failure in Patients Suffering a Heart Attack Written by Kathy 542
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Adult Stem Cells
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