Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

Arteriocyte Receives FDA Approval to Move Forward with Critical Limb Ischemia Trial Written by Kathy 640
Natural Compound Improves Engraftment of Stem Cell Transplants from Umbilical Cord Blood Written by Kathy 628
Grafting of human spinal stem cells into ALS rats best with immunosuppressant combination Written by Kathy 638
China Sky One Medical to Jointly Launch Adult Stem Cell Research Enterprise Written by Kathy 575
Groundbreaking study will look at adult stem cell product in stroke care Written by Kathy 506
Update on TK clinical benefit presented at ASH and expansion of Phase III trial in Europe Written by Kathy 586
Penn Study Points to Novel Way to Improve Outcomes from Umbilical Cord Blood Transplants Written by Kathy 598
Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trials Showing Success Written by Kathy 654
Bioheart Files With the FDA to Begin the ANGEL Trial Written by Kathy 591
British MS Study Among Recent Stem Cell Research Successes Written by Kathy 604
U-M researchers use stem cells to gain new insight into severe childhood form of epilepsy Written by Kathy 514
Insight: Stem cell therapy poised to come in from the cold Written by Kathy 595
Adult Stem Cells Use Special Pathways To Repair Damaged Muscle, MU Researchers Find Written by Kathy 562
Largest ever heart stem cell studies get underway Written by Kathy 626
Court Says Some Donors of Stem Cells Can Be Paid Written by Kathy 612
Vitro Biopharma Introduces New Products for Personalized Cellular Medicine Written by Kathy 630
Update on stroke clinical trial Written by Kathy 624
Brain find sheds light on autism Written by Kathy 548
2nd U.S. patent awarded to stem cell idea of Kyoto Univ.'s Yamanaka Written by Kathy 564
Stem-Cell-Seeded Bioartificial Tracheal Transplant Feasible Written by Kathy 564
First Patient Dosed in Cervical Region in Neuralstem ALS Stem Cell Trial Written by Kathy 299
Study to look at nerve cells in patients with Alzheimer's disease Written by Kathy 403
Recipient's immune system governs stem cell regeneration Written by Kathy 292
VistaGen Therapeutics and University Health Network (Toronto) Extend Broad Stem Cell Alliance and Expand Scope of Collaborative Research Written by Kathy 315
Fetal stem cells from placenta may help maternal heart recover from injury Written by Kathy 303
New Heart Cells Increase by 30 Percent After Stem Cell Infusion, UB Research Shows Written by Kathy 340
Results triple researchers' projections with use of adult stem cells for heart failure Written by Kathy 308
World’s first stem cell bandage in human clinical trials Written by Kathy 334
Lentigen and UH Case Medical Center initiate Phase I trial using gene therapy and bone marrow stem cells in the treatment of brain cancer Written by Kathy 291
Positive Results from Phase 2 Trial of Mesoblast's Adult Stem Cell Therapy Presented at the American Heart Association Annual Meeting Written by Kathy 518
FDA approves first cord blood product Written by Kathy 303
Mesoblast Reports Positive Results Using Intravenously Injected Adult Stem Cells for Type 2 Diabetes Written by Kathy 544
Pluristem Announces Positive 12-Month Data from the Use of PLX-PAD for the Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 325
Blood Cancer Patients and Stem Cell Transplants Written by Kathy 289
‘Suicide Switch' May Pave Way for Safer Cancer Therapy, Researchers Find Written by Kathy 304
Patent Issued for OHSU Stem Cell Cloning Written by Kathy 321
Arizona Pain Specialists First U.S. Pain Clinic To Launch Revolutionary Stem Cell Study Written by Kathy 286
Technology to collect stem cells from fat tissue may help soldiers recover from traumatic injuries Written by Kathy 305
Lung Stem Cells Offer Therapeutic Clues Written by Kathy 309
Cryo-Save Launches Educational Program on Clinical Applications of Stem Cell Therapies: An Example of Excellence in Serbia Written by Kathy 304
Mesoblast Cleared to Begin First Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Eye Diseases Written by Kathy 286
Neuralstem Receives FDA Approval to Dose Patients in Cervical Region in Ongoing ALS Trial Written by Kathy 263
Green heart boost possibility of stem cell therapies Written by Kathy 309
Athersys to investigate stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis Written by Kathy 288
FDA Approves Continuation of ALS Stem Cell Trial Written by Kathy 321
University of Navarra Hospital presents clinical trials for cell therapy of cirrhosis Written by Kathy 376
Rutgers Establishes Stem Cell Repository for the Study of Mental Health Disorders Written by Kathy 317
Roddenberry Foundation Gives $5M to Gladstone for Stem Cell Research Written by Kathy 303
Veterinarian gambles on future of medicine Written by Kathy 309
New Research Shows Transplanting Stem Cells from The Brain to The Pancreas Could Cure Diabetes Written by Kathy 287
Bioheart Presents Summary of Clinical Data From Past 10 Years Written by Kathy 308
Surgeons Develop Simultaneous Tissue and Stem Cell Transplant Technique Written by Kathy 270
An Adult Stem Cell Makeover for Sickle Cell Anemia (Part 2) Written by Kathy 363
NeoStem Closes on Amorcyte Acquisition Written by Kathy 304
Making Heart Cells—Billions of Them Written by Kathy 304
Cellular Dynamics International's (CDI) Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) Technology Named the Gold Winner in The Wall Street Journal 2011 Technology Innovation Awards Written by Kathy 240
Breastmilk a natural stem cell therapy Written by Kathy 311
Adult Stem Cells Reboot the Immune System (Part 1) Written by Kathy 332
Neuralstem Receives Notice of Patent Allowance for Spinal Cord Delivery Platform Written by Kathy 333
Regenerating Eyes Using Cells From Hair Written by Kathy 327
Genesis Biopharma Signs Worldwide License Agreement with the NIH for Adoptive Cell Therapy to Treat a Variety of Cancers Written by Kathy 301
In Brazil, basic stem cell research lags behind clinical trials Written by Kathy 294
Seeking superior stem cells Written by Kathy 332
KGI Professor Awarded Patent for Stem-Cell Therapy Aiding Heart-attack Patients Written by Kathy 280
VistaGen Therapeutics Presents Highlights of its Human Stem Cell-Derived "Micro-Heart" Cardiotoxicity Assay at NIH Symposium on Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Written by Kathy 313
Vitro Develops Novel Stem Cell Technology for Use in Treatment of Hearing Loss Written by Kathy 294
New national tissue engineering centre to develop treatment for early osteoarthritis Written by Kathy 264
Cell Therapy for Diabetes Neurovascular Complications: NIH $6.1M Grant Funds New Studies Written by Kathy 272
Bioheart's MARVEL Trial Published in the American Heart Journal Written by Kathy 294
Cellerix Secures €4.95M for Phase III Study of Allogeneic Adult Stem Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 287
Cellerix Secures €4.95M for Phase III Study of Allogeneic Adult Stem Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 273
Subventricular zone: New adult stem cell activity in human brain identified Written by Kathy 298
International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) leads roundtable with major US payors, healthcare providers and industry to initiate a collaboration to address Cell Therapy product reimbursement. Written by Kathy 323
$12 million collaborative grant seeks to improve cord blood transplantation for cancer patients Written by Kathy 326
$9 Million Grant Fuels Sickle Cell Study Written by Kathy 403
SanBio Announces First Patient Treated at Stanford With Novel Cell Therapy, SB623, in Clinical Trial of Stable Stroke Patients Written by Kathy 361
Mesoblast and Lonza establish strategic global manufacturing alliance Written by Kathy 328
Promising Results Using Adipose Derived Stem Cells in Patients With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Written by Kathy 620
Scientists Suggest Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Diseases Written by Kathy 336
New trial for retinal stem cell treatment gets go-ahead at Moorfields Eye Hospital Written by Kathy 301
Medistem Receives FDA Approval to Begin Clinical Trial in USA With ERC Stem Cells Written by Kathy 347
Cedars-Sinai Opens New Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core Production Facility Written by Kathy 311
SanBio Announces Site Opening of Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial of Novel Cell Therapy in Stable Stroke Patients at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Written by Kathy 289
Stem cell patch could save thousands of pregnancies by repairing foetus' membrane Written by Kathy 308
Research Promises Regenerative Potential Written by Kathy 319
New York Stem Cell Summit Issues Adult Stem Cell Fact Sheet Written by Kathy 351
Bioheart Announces US FDA Clinical Program Using Adipose Cells Written by Kathy 321
First patient in next dose cohort successfully treated with ReN001 stem cell therapy Written by Kathy 317
Study reveals critical similarity between two types of stem cells Written by Kathy 305
Louisville researcher awarded $12.8 million NIH grant renewal for adult stem cell project Written by Kathy 407
Scientists Grow Human Colon Stem Cells In A Lab-Plate Written by Kathy 330
GeneCell Int'l. delivers new era in tissue engineering -- dental pulp stem cells Written by Kathy 296
Pluristem’s PLX Cells Found to Have Potential to Treat Acute Radiation Syndrome Written by Kathy 337
Stem Cell Efforts to Treat Neurological Disease Bolstered With $4.5 Million Written by Kathy 285
New Study Finds Cord Blood-derived Stem Cell Treatments Improve Ataxia Patients' Functionality and Quality of Life Written by Kathy 297
ZenBio, Inc. Awarded a Phase I SBIR Grant to Develop Drug Screening Platform with Human Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells Written by Kathy 355
UC Davis neurosurgeons use adult stem cells to grow neck vertebrae Written by Kathy 346
Endangered Species Could be Saved with Stem Cells Written by Kathy 291
Mesoblast Gets EU Clearance For Allogeneic Stem Cell Trial For Heart Attacks Written by Kathy 279
Scientists announce human intestinal stem cell 'breakthrough' for regenerative medicine Written by Kathy 250
American CryoStem Awarded Patent for Cell Culture Media Written by Kathy 296
Scientists Use Stem Cells for Blood 'Self-Transfusion' Written by Kathy 385
ReNeuron receives DSMB clearance to progress to higher dose in ReN001 stem cell trial for stroke Written by Kathy 250
A youthful environment can rejuvenate old stem cells Written by Kathy 320
Diabetes in Mice Treated with Uterine Stem Cells Written by Kathy 291
Spectrum Health Researching Use of Stem Cells to Prevent Leg Amputations Written by Kathy 355
JHU begins research to create blood platelets from stem cells Written by Kathy 268
Hair cell-derived patient-specific heart cells for disease modeling and drug screening Written by Kathy 280
Medistem Submits Response to FDA Clinical Hold Written by Kathy 297
NeoStem Featured on CBS's Eye on New York Written by Kathy 300
Pluristem's PLX Cells Receive Orphan Drug Status for Treatment of Buerger's Disease Written by Kathy 306
Cardiac Researchers Discover Predictor of Stem Cell Efficacy in Treating Heart Failure Written by Kathy 247
apceth Starts First Phase I/II Clinical Study on Somatic Cell Therapy for Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease (pAOD) Written by Kathy 331
Clinical trials using adult stem cells to treat MS Written by Kathy 329
Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) Performed First Minimally Invasive Procedure for Lumbar Disc Repair Written by Kathy 254
Cells derived from pluripotent stem cells may pose challenges for clinical use, research Written by Kathy 250
NCRM at Case Western Reserve to host stem cell conference in Cleveland Written by Kathy 411
Researchers Combine Stem Cell with Artificial Chromosome to Treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in Mice Written by Kathy 337
Stem cells give dog chance at normal life Written by Kathy 286
Heart damage improves and reverses in adult stem cell clinical trial Written by Kathy 264
Kyoto University granted its first iPS cell patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office Written by Kathy 369
Newts and salamanders can regrow their damaged hearts, so why can't we? Written by Kathy 306
NeoStem Announces the Receipt of Over $1,700,000 in DOD Funding for its VSEL™ Technology Being Developed to Treat Osteoporosis Written by Kathy 261
apceth is Granted a Manufacturer's Licence for Somatic Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 343
Sperm from mice stem cells offers infertility hope Written by Kathy 284
National Center for Regenerative Medicine, Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Cord Blood Center Collaborate with ImageIQ® to Improve Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Characterization Written by Kathy 221
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Received Experimental Stem Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 343
Researchers at UT Southwestern find way to help donor adult blood stem cells overcome transplant rejection Written by Kathy 274
Human Skin Cells Converted Directly into Functional Neurons Written by Kathy 366
Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise for Kidney Disease Written by Kathy 468
Johns Hopkins Scientists Begin First-of-Its-Kind Research to Create Blood Platelets from Stem Cells to Study Genetics of Blood Clotting Disorders Written by Kathy 273
HED: Controlling iPS Cell Transformation: It's in the Sugar Written by Kathy 388
Stem cell treatment 'could prevent MS brain damage' Written by Kathy 269
Girl with Cerebral palsy treated with own cord blood stem cells Written by Kathy 295
Gladstone Scientist Converts Human Skin Cells into Functional Brain Cells Written by Kathy 283
University of Michigan announces new adult stem cell lines Written by Kathy 277
German researchers turn skin cells into stem cells Written by Kathy 277
U-M researchers create reprogrammed stem cells for disease studies Written by Kathy 326
Survival of stage-4 breast cancer patients improves with stem cell treatment, study finds Written by Kathy 255
BioTime Announces the Issuance of a Second U.S. Glycosan Hydrogel Patent for stem cell therapies Written by Kathy 268
Blood stem cell discovery may revolutionise transplants Written by Kathy 295
Stem cell breakthrough heralds new era of therapy development Written by Kathy 326
Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Allows Scientists to Cultivate Larger Amounts Written by Kathy 425
NeoStem to Acquire Cell Therapies Firm Amorcyte for Clinical-Stage AMI Candidate Written by Kathy 268
Stem cells restore cognitive abilities impaired by brain cancer treatment Written by Kathy 357
Study uses new stem cell therapy in patients up to 19 days after stroke Written by Kathy 271
New technique boosts efficiency of blood cell production from human stem cells Written by Kathy 309
Japanese scientists grow first stem cell tooth Written by Kathy 338
Celprogen Announces Development of Neuronal Stem Cells Derived from Adult Human Brains; May Someday Be an Effective Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients Written by Kathy 265
Hutchinson Center to Lead a $20 Million Research Project to Explore a Potential Cure for HIV Infection Written by Kathy 298
Making a trachea from scratch Written by Kathy 436
A Change of Heart: Penn Researchers Reprogram Brain Cells to Become Heart Cells Written by Kathy 262
Stem cell hope for heart patients Written by Kathy 290
RegenoCELL Announces That Patients Can Be Treated With Its Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in Greece Written by Kathy 277
Tissue Genesis Joins with NASA & DoD for the Last Space Shuttle Launch, STS‐135 Written by Kathy 345
Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease Reduces Chest Pain, Increases Exercise Tolerance Written by Kathy 336
Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) Receive FDA Clearance for Phase 3 Bone Marrow Transplant Trial Written by Kathy 236
South Korea back in stem cell spotlight with new treatment Written by Kathy 302
Scripps Receives NIH Grant to Research Root Cause of Heart Attack Written by Kathy 253
Vietnamese scientists make breakthrough stem cell research Written by Kathy 357
Medistem Licensee RenovoCyte LLC Receives FDA INAD for Universal Donor Endometrial Regenerative Cells (ERC) Written by Kathy 283
Adult stem cells effective against clogged leg arteries Written by Kathy 318
US Food and Drug Administration Clears Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) Phase 2 Trial to Treat Degenerative Disc Disease Written by Kathy 288
StemCyte - An Industry Leader Introduces Dual Cord Blood Processing Capabilities Written by Kathy 289
Nervous System Stem Cells Can Replace Themselves, Give Rise to Variety of Cell Types, Even Amplify Written by Kathy 259
Singapore scientists discover how to control fate of stem cells Written by Kathy 304
Korea is first to approve therapy Written by Kathy 638
Children's Hospital Los Angeles Researcher Wins Grant to Study Stem Cells' Ability to Reverse Renal Fibrosis Written by Kathy 282
Bergen County Spine Clinic Spine & Joint Center Offers New Stem Cell Treatment Options for Chronic Joint Problems Written by Kathy 293
Stem Cells and Tissue Healing in Horses Written by Kathy 296
Stem Cell Partnership In Lebanon Announced Written by Kathy 293
Signaling pathway is 'executive software' of airway stem cells Written by Kathy 300
New adult stem cell research could help fight against bulging waistlines Written by Kathy 270
NeoStem, Inc. (NBS) Says it’s “Making History” with Diverse Adult Stem Cell Conference Written by Kathy 347
Parkinson's artificial brain bank Written by Kathy 315
ReNeuron signs license agreement with leading US eye research institute to develop stem cell therapies for diseases of the retina Written by Kathy 246
UofL vascular surgeons perform first prosthetic bypass graft procedure using patient’s own stem cells with ‘point-of-care’ technology Written by Kathy 272
Engineers Control the Environment to Direct Stem Cell Differentiation Written by Kathy 299
National Eye Institute Awards Cedars-Sinai $3 Million to Develop Gene, Stem Cell Therapies for Corneal Disease Written by Kathy 246
Stem Cells from Patients Make 'Early Retina in a Dish' Written by Kathy 288
R & A Productions Announces Corporate Action; Name Change and New OTC QB Symbol Written by Kathy 289
One-Year Follow-Up Results From Athersys' Phase I Study of MultiStem in Heart Attack Patients Presented at International Stem Cell Symposium Written by Kathy 238
Scottish company uses new method in adult stem cell banking Written by Kathy 324
Brain structure adapts to environmental change Written by Kathy 280
Sniffing out a New Source of Stem Cells Written by Kathy 269
Adult stem cell studies show promise Written by Kathy 276
Stem cell transplantation: A new strategy for treating Multiple Myeloma Written by Kathy 275
New genetic technique converts skin cells into brain cells Written by Kathy 278
New Take On iPS Cells May Cut Cancer Risk Written by Kathy 382
Cytori Reports Sustained Benefits at 18 Months in Cardiac Cell Therapy Heart Attack Trial Written by Kathy 364
Heart has built-in repair mechanism Written by Kathy 329
NeoStem’s (AMEX: NBS) VSEL™ Technology, Ending the search of the perfect Repair Cell Written by Kathy 313
Pioneering stem cell bandage receives UK approval for clinical trial Written by Kathy 276
Stem cell treatment may offer option for broken bones that don’t heal Written by Kathy 252
$1.1 million donation for pioneering stem cell MS trial Written by Kathy 337
Stem Cells From Fat Used To Repair Skull Defects Written by Kathy 314
Breakthrough stem cell business opens in Logan Written by Kathy 287
Notification of date of preliminary results and update on stroke clinical trial Written by Kathy 271
Researchers move step closer to using iPS cells in regenerative medicine Written by Kathy 267
Adult Stem Cell Trial to be launched by BrainStorm for ALS Patients Written by Kathy 265
UCSF’s Alvarez-Buylla Recognized for Pioneering Stem Cell Research Written by Kathy 277
Scientists turn human skin cells directly into neurons, skipping iPS stage Written by Kathy 257
Cryo-Save on track to launch Cryo-Lip® in the US Written by Kathy 256
Athersys Announces Positive Interim Results From Ongoing Phase I Study of MultiStem(R) for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Support and Graft-Versus-Host Disease Safety and Reduction in GvHD Observed in Stem Cell Trial Written by Kathy 166
Athersys Announces Positive Interim Results From Ongoing Phase I Study of MultiStem(R) for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Support and Graft-Versus-Host Disease Safety and Reduction in GvHD Observed in Stem Cell Trial Written by Kathy 204
Juventas Therapeutics Demonstrates JVS-100 Delivery to Patients with Heart Failure is Safe and Provides Clinical Benefit Written by Kathy 270
Aldagen Announces Publication of Phase 1/2 Results for ALD-301, a Stem Cell Therapy in Development for Critical Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 215
Editing scrambled genes in human stem cells may help realize the promise of combined stem cell-gene therapy Written by Kathy 220
Scientists discover switch to speed up stem cell production to facilitate development of treatments for diseases Written by Kathy 282
BrainStorm to start adult stem cell trial for ALS Written by Kathy 230
Queen's scientists teaming up to cure premature baby blindness Written by Kathy 320
Winding back the clock with kidney stem cells Written by Kathy 284
Apparent Immunity Gene ‘Cures’ Bay Area Man Of AIDS Written by Kathy 293
Study Finds Therapies Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Could Encounter Immune Rejection Problems Written by Kathy 273
Scientists for the First Time Regenerate Sections of Retinas and Increase Visual Function With Stem Cells Derived From Skin Written by Kathy 284
Stem cells from bone marrow save the day Written by Kathy 295
First U.S. patient enrolled in stem cell transplantation/cardiac bypass study aimed at improving heart failure Written by Kathy 315
Medistem Initiates Collaboration With Bakoulev Center for Developing Next Generation Cardiac Stem Cell Therapeutics Written by Kathy 231
Stem Cells Take Root in Livers and Repair Damage Written by Kathy 309
New Antibody for Cell Labeling: Stem Cells Can Be Distinguished on the Basis of Sugar Residues Written by Kathy 279
Human Lung Stem Cell Discovered Written by Kathy 283
Stem Cells of 10-Year-Old Help Create Blood Vessel in Life-Saving Surgery Written by Kathy 232
Heart Cells Derived from Stem Cells Used to Study Heart Diseases Written by Kathy 236
Columbia Engineers Patch A Heart Written by Kathy 259
BioTime Initiates Clinical Development Program for HyStem®-Rx as a Cell Delivery Device for Reconstructive Surgery and Other Cell-Based Therapies Written by Kathy 214
Extracting stem cells from fat for tissue regeneration Written by Kathy 241
California ponders cell-banking venture Written by Kathy 310
Juventas Therapeutics Completes Successful Phase I Clinical Trial for JVS-100 in Treatment of Patients with Heart Failure Written by Kathy 260
International Stem Cell Successfully Completes First Series of Preclinical Testing of Hepatocytes Derived from Human Parthenogenetic Stem Cells Written by Kathy 225
Regrowing Teeth with Dental Stem Cells: An Alternative to Dentures, Bridges, and Implants? Written by Kathy 1150
Penn scientists develop a new way to re-grow cartilage Written by Kathy 276
Stanford and SanBio Announce a Clinical Trial of Cell Therapy for Stroke Disability Written by Kathy 374
Tissue Genesis Begins FDA-Approved Clinical Trial Written by Kathy 320
Stem Cell Therapy Using the Patient's Own Fat to Treat Chronic Pain and Disease Written by Kathy 287
IUPUI Faculty Member To Receive National Innovative Vision Research Award Written by Kathy 281
Enhanced Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplants Safe in Long-Term Studies Written by Kathy 317
Scientists recreate brain cells from skin cells to study schizophrenia Written by Kathy 251
‘Universal' virus-free method turns blood cells to beating heart cells Written by Kathy 265
Fat Grafting For Faces -- In Depth Doctor's Interview Written by Kathy 299
Modern technology offers new hope for ailing animals. Written by Kathy 289
Roberto Bolli discusses cardiac stem cell treatment for heart failure at Cannon Lecture Written by Kathy 309
A New Way to Make Reprogrammed Stem Cells Written by Kathy 234
Helping the heart help itself Written by Kathy 240
Study shows patient’s own cells may hold therapeutic promise after reprogramming, gene correction Written by Kathy 257
Adding stem cells to common bypass surgery may reduce heart failure Written by Kathy 246
International Stem Cell Society Tracks 750 Adult Stem Cell Patient Cases Written by Kathy 285
Why stem cells don’t just want to make neurons Written by Kathy 301
3D lab experiments aid adult stem cell versatility Written by Kathy 295
Attacking bowel cancer on two fronts Written by Kathy 285
LSU Researcher Receives Grant for Adult Stem Cell Research Written by Kathy 264
Stem cell voice box transplant trials could begin in 2013 Written by Kathy 308
Signal uncovered to help control when stem cells become fat cells Written by Kathy 246
Stem Cell Therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration –A Step Closer to Reality Written by Kathy 237
Pluristem to develop stem cell therapy on its own: CEO Written by Kathy 257
Ground-breaking success in adult stem cell research Written by Kathy 277
Stem Cells May Show Promise for People With Rapidly Progressing Multiple Sclerosis Written by Kathy 264
Stem Cells May Show Promise for People with Rapidly Progressing MS Written by Kathy 279
Intramyocardial Stem Cell Injection in Patients With Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Written by Kathy 248
Liquid biomaterials take stem cell therapy to new level Written by Kathy 255
Johns Hopkins Team Creates Stem Cells From Schizophrenia Patients Written by Kathy 265
New stem cell study promises to heal the heart Written by Kathy 252
Cure for blindness in sight Written by Kathy 288
Fortis to set up stem cell clinical trial centres Written by Kathy 235
Pluristem Therapeutics and NYU Medical Center Partner to Study Use of PLX Cells in Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers Written by Kathy 288
Athersys Announces Initiation of Patient Enrollment for Phase II Clinical Trial in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Written by Kathy 250
co.don AG is awarded the US-Patent - Process to produce cell transplants patented successfully Written by Kathy 287
UTHealth study: Stem cells may provide treatment for brain injuries Written by Kathy 277
UC Davis launches stem cell study to reduce amputations from vascular disease and diabetes Written by Kathy 249
Transplanting umbilical cord and menstrual blood-derived stem cells offer hope for disorders Written by Kathy 238
Cytori Patents Method of Making Stem and Regenerative Cell-Enriched Fat Grafts Written by Kathy 268
Scripps Research scientists develop new test for 'pluripotent' stem cells Written by Kathy 273
ReNeuron gives update on stroke clinical trial Written by Kathy 267
Spinal Cord Injury: Human Cells Derived from Stem Cells Restore Movement in Animal Models Written by Kathy 233
Reprogrammed Stem Cells Are Rife with Mutations Written by Kathy 298
Osiris Therapeutics Completes Enrollment of Stem Cell Trial for the Treatment of Heart Attacks Written by Kathy 236
Researchers Focus on Human Cells for Spinal Cord Injury Repair Written by Kathy 258
New cell therapy a promising atherosclerosis treatment Written by Kathy 282
Stem Cells May Provide New Treatment for Children with Severe Brain Injuries Written by Kathy 359
Human stem cells from fat tissue fuse with rat heart cells and beat Written by Kathy 220
Canadian researchers first worldwide to generate pluripotent stem cells from horses Written by Kathy 301
BrainStorm’s NurOwn™ Stem Cell Technology Shows Promise for Treating Sciatic Nerve Injury Written by Kathy 436
Human umbilical cord blood cells aid diabetic wound healing Written by Kathy 271
Stem Cell Researchers at UM Embark on New Trial First Trial to Compare Autologous Cells with Donor Cells for Dilated Cardiomyopathy Written by Kathy 265
Tissue engineering methods earn funding to heal little hearts Written by Kathy 269
Research Should Make Stem Cell Transplants Using Umbilical Cord Blood More Successful for Leukemia Patients Written by Kathy 228
Whitehead Member Rudolf Jaenisch honored for groundbreaking stem cell research Written by Kathy 341
BrainStorm Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for NurOwnTM in the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Written by Kathy 242
Stem cell transplants help kidney damage Written by Kathy 245
How nasal stem cells might prevent childhood deafness Written by Kathy 236
UTHealth presents preclinical data on potential benefits of stem cell therapy for stroke Written by Kathy 247
ThermoGenesis Announces Agreement for AXP and BioArchive Cord Blood Systems With Major Chinese Stem Cell Company Written by Kathy 407
Neuralstem Updates ALS Clinical Trial Progress Written by Kathy 276
US scientists recreate heart defect in a lab dish Written by Kathy 275
Neuralstem Receives FDA Orphan Designation for Spinal Cord Stem Cells for Treatment of ALS Written by Kathy 244
Dramatic Improvement in Parkinson Disease Symptoms Following Intranasal Delivery of Stem Cells to Rat Brains Written by Kathy 298
Stem cell transformation taking place at Bradley University Written by Kathy 346
Some iPS cells indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells Written by Kathy 248
Kyoto Univ, U.S. Firm Cross-License Stem Cell Patents Written by Kathy 273
Cell reprogramming leaves a "footprint" behind Written by Kathy 290
MicroRNA Cocktail Helps Turn Skin Cells into Stem Cells Written by Kathy 300
Johns Hopkins Researchers Develop Safer Way to Make Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Written by Kathy 293
Scripps Research scientists convert skin cells to beating heart cells Written by Kathy 253
American Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Successfully Treated for Autoimmune Arthritis with His Own Stem Cells Written by Kathy 214
Adult kidney stem cells found in fish Written by Kathy 466
Stem Cell Assurance to Open New Laboratory Facility in Jupiter, Florida Written by Kathy 254
Brainstorm names CEO ahead of ALS stem cell trial on humans Written by Kathy 274
Bioheart secures $4M investment Written by Kathy 281
Doctors strive to treat genetic defects before birth Written by Kathy 264
Dividing stem cells identified as new target in battle against cancer Written by Kathy 315
Research Shows When Stem Cell Descendants Lose Their Versatility Written by Kathy 244
NeoStem Acquires Progenitor Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 272
Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cell (ADRC) Therapy Associated With Reduction in Arrhythmia in Acute Heart Attack Patients; Post-Hoc Data From Cytori's APOLLO Study Reported at the 6th International Conference on Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease Written by Kathy 351
International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) Launches Inaugural Cell Therapy Commercial Development Focus Group on Peripheral Vascular Disease Written by Kathy 243
Stem cell campaigners win go-ahead for trial Written by Kathy 299
Researchers From Case Western Reserve and Athersys Publish Landmark Study Showing Regenerative Benefit of MultiStem Therapy After Spinal Cord Injury Written by Kathy 265
EHSI Forms Joint Venture to Develop Stem-Cell Treatment for Liver Disease Written by Kathy 294
Researchers Generate New Human Stem Cells Written by Kathy 249
Vets use stem cells to manage pets' pain Written by Kathy 284
Cells snag top modelling job Written by Kathy 330
U-M researchers find indirect path to attack breast cancer stem cells Written by Kathy 267
Skin Provides Australia’s First Adult Stem Cells For Rare Genetic Disease Written by Kathy 328
Cryo-Save sees growth continuing in 2011 Written by Kathy 368
VistaGen Therapeutics and NuPotential Receive NIH Grant to Develop Safer Approaches for Producing Patient-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Written by Kathy 311
Cell Transplantation reports a success in treating end-stage liver disease Written by Kathy 417
Bioheart Provides Update: Clinical Studies Strategy and Progress Written by Kathy 271
Cephalon Reports Positive Results from Mesoblast's Heart Treatment Study Written by Kathy 268
Bioheart Reports Positive Results for Adipose Derived Stem Cells in Critical Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 339
Agreement Anticipated to Make Mesenchymal-Like Stem Cells Widely Available to Veterinarians for Therapeutic Use Written by Kathy 344
Stem cell discovery could lead to improved bone marrow transplants Written by Kathy 494
UTHealth studies cord blood stem cells for pediatric traumatic brain injury Written by Kathy 360
Aldagen Announces FDA Clearance of IND to Begin Phase 2 Study in Ischemic Stroke With Regenerative Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 284
Stem cells could restore lost breasts Written by Kathy 345
Male Pattern Balding May Be Due to Stem Cell Inactivation, According to Penn Study Written by Kathy 284
Juventas Therapeutics Initiating Phase II Clinical Trial of JVS-100 for Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 259
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Adult Stem Cells
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