Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

EHSI Secures Rights to Use NASA Developed Stem Cell Technology in China Written by Kathy 724
Boy returns home after U of M treatment for rare skin disease Written by Kathy 744
New Hope for Saving Diabetic Foot from Amputation Two autologous stem cell therapy sessions prevented patient from foot amputation Written by Kathy 825
BrainStorm Obtains Funding From Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist Written by Kathy 675
Cryo-Save to launch Cryo-Lip in the US Written by Kathy 714
Lineman Steps Out of the Trenches to Save a Stranger’s Life Written by Kathy 720
Cells 'Feel' the Difference Between Stiff or Soft and Thick or Thin Matrix Written by Kathy 705
Stem cell transplant has cured HIV infection in 'Berlin patient', say doctors Written by Kathy 711
EHSI Negotiating Adult Stem Cell Expansion License Written by Kathy 713
“Grow Your Own Transplant” May be Possible for Men with Type 1 Diabetes Written by Kathy 644
Stem Cells Turned Into Complex, Functioning Intestinal Tissue in Lab Written by Kathy 668
Spinal Cord Injury Patient Treated With Non-Matched Adult Stem Cells Written by Kathy 700
A 'Stitch in Time' Could Help Damaged Hearts Written by Kathy 786
Japan team say stem cells helped monkey jump again Written by Kathy 683
Bioheart Announces Plans to Advance LVAD + Muscle Stem Cells Clinical Trial Written by Kathy 994
Experiments Suggest Possible New Approach to Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury Written by Kathy 685
Cephalon, Mesoblast in stem cell development deal Written by Kathy 707
Research offers hope for treatments to repair MS damage Written by Kathy 667
UVA Researchers Developing Innovative Ways to Heal Severe Bone Fractures Through Combined Adult Stem Cell and Genetic Therapy Written by Kathy 491
The Scientist Magazine Recognizes Cellular Dynamics International’s iCellTM Cardiomyocytes Among the Winners of “Top 10 Innovations of 2010” Written by Kathy 667
Scripps Research Scientists Home In on Chemicals Needed to Reprogram Cells Written by Kathy 391
Study shows that blood stem cells are influenced by their offspring Written by Kathy 397
Stem cell therapy -- a future treatment for lower back pain? Written by Kathy 394
Stem cell spray heals burns Written by Kathy 388
Stem Cell Institute (Cellmedicine) Successfully Treats Spinal Cord Injury Patient With Adult Stem Cells Peer-Reviewed Joint Publication Between Stem Cell Clinic and American Researchers Written by Kathy 288
Stem cells in fat may help repair damaged hearts Written by Kathy 398
Rare disease reveals new path for creating stem cells Written by Kathy 394
A medical model developed for regenerating bladders by using stem cells Written by Kathy 452
Stem cells demonstrate significant clinical efficacy in groundbreaking treatment of severe disease Written by Kathy 340
Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Offers New Hope for Treating Cardiovascular Disease Written by Kathy 485
Cardiac Stem Cells Safe and Effective in Heart Failure Treatment, Report UofL Research Team Written by Kathy 361
Bioengineers Provide Adult Stem Cells with Friendly Environment: Simultaneous Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical Cues Written by Kathy 472
Origin of cells associated with nerve repair discovered Written by Kathy 361
Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells Improve Cardiac Functional Capacity at 18 Months in Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease Patients; Statistically Significant Improvement in MVO2 Reported by Cytori at American Heart Association Written by Kathy 290
Stem Cell Patch May Result in Improved Function Following Heart Attack Written by Kathy 371
Umbilical cord cells may treat arthritis Written by Kathy 420
TCA Cellular Therapy Awarded Prestigious Grant from Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program Written by Kathy 363
Muscles injected with adult stem cells defy normal aging according to Colorado study Written by Kathy 402
Modeling autism in a dish Written by Kathy 387
STEM CELLS Journal Awards Human Cord-Blood Research Dr. Cinzia Rota wins Annual Young Investigator Award at International Stem Cell Symposium Written by Kathy 737
Rare Syndrome Aided by Stem-Cell Gene Therapy Written by Kathy 366
Specialized Blood Vessels Jumpstart and Sustain Organ Regeneration Written by Kathy 345
Mesenchymal-Lineage Stem Cells Have Pronounced Anti-Inflammatory Effects in the Twitcher Mouse Model of Krabbe's Disease† Written by Kathy 411
Athersys Announces FDA Authorization of Phase II Clinical Trial for Inflammatory Bowel Disease With Pfizer Regenerative Medicine Written by Kathy 496
Scripps Research Scientists Find Nerve Cell Activity Drains Stem Cell Pool in Developing Brain Written by Kathy 397
Athersys Inc. receives federal clearance for Phase II of clinical trials Written by Kathy 368
Animal stem cell company inks licensing deal Written by Kathy 392
U.S. Government Grants Awarded for Further Development of Adult Stem Cell Products Written by Kathy 340
McMaster scientists turn skin into blood Written by Kathy 385
‘Another set of fingers’ Harvard researchers identify new aspect of cell reprogramming Written by Kathy 400
Fly stem cells on diet: Salk scientists discovered how stem cells respond to nutrient availability Written by Kathy 358
Cell Society Hosts the First Annual Clinical Meeting in La Jolla, CA to Advance the Science of Adult Stem Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Written by Kathy 338
Helmsley Charitable Trust awards more than $15 million to Salk Institute-Columbia University collaborative stem cell research effort Written by Kathy 342
Local Chinese Government Authorities Approve Pricing and Reimbursement for NeoStem's Licensed Adult Stem Cell Treatments for Orthopedic Applications in China Written by Kathy 327
Scientists unveil new method to create bioartificial organs Written by Kathy 365
Spain opens worlds first organ growing laboratory for human transplants Written by Kathy 378
Cryo-Cell Reports Momentous Progress on the Third Anniversary of Celle Written by Kathy 498
Researchers generate iPSCs to further treatments for lung disease Written by Kathy 372
MCRM Announces Affiliation with Regulatory Affairs Associates Firms, Brings Regulatory Services to New Plymouth Township Facility Written by Kathy 406
Stem cell model breakthrough for brain disease research Written by Kathy 374
Too Much SP2 Protein Turns Stem Cells Into “Evil Twin” Tumor-forming Cancer Cells Written by Kathy 351
Cellectis and the Center for iPS Cells Research and Application Join Forces Written by Kathy 353
Heart Disease And Cardiac Failure: The Role Of Stem Cells Written by Kathy 437
Researchers Build Colony of Colon Cancer Stem Cells to Test New Approach to Therapy Written by Kathy 371
Researchers Lay Groundwork for Creation of Artificial Human Testicle Written by Kathy 360
Not all stem cells the same, say McMaster researchers Written by Kathy 393
Cell-signaling link between muscle inflammation and regeneration identified Written by Kathy 530
Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) Targets Broader Cancer Indications For Bone Marrow Transplant Product Written by Kathy 402
Stemedica Announces Completion of Clinical Allogeneic Adult Stem Cell Master Bank Written by Kathy 368
NCKU Research Team Developed New Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Repair, First in the World Written by Kathy 349
Mercy Medical Center launches groundbreaking stem cell program Written by Kathy 836
Stem Cell Transplant May Help MS, ALS Patients Written by Kathy 441
BrainStorm Receives Approval to Begin Clinical Trial of Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Patients with ALS Written by Kathy 552
Stem cells repair damaged spinal cord tissue Written by Kathy 426
University of Colorado Cancer Center researcher discovers key mechanism for transforming adult cells Written by Kathy 501
Mechanism for Changing Adult Cells Into Stem-Like Cells Discovered Written by Kathy 511
Medistem Signs Commercialization Agreement for Endometrial Regenerative Cells With General Biotechnology LLC Written by Kathy 440
Stem Cell Model for Long-QT Syndrome May Spark New Avenues for Heart Research Written by Kathy 456
Crohn’s disease trial uses stem cells taken from placentas Written by Kathy 379
Alphatec Spine, Inc. Releases PureGen(TM) Osteoprogenitor Cell Allograft to Facilitate Bone Regeneration and Announces First Patient Procedure Performed in the World Written by Kathy 328
First Patient Procedure In The World Using Adult Stem Cells To Enhance Spine Surgery Outcome Written by Kathy 540
Adipose-Derived Stem & Regenerative Cells Reduce Mortality, Improve Renal Function in Preclinical Acute Kidney Injury Study Data Published Today Written by Kathy 328
Stem cell breakthrough spurs a new Langer start-up Written by Kathy 377
Harvard Medical School Researchers Discover New Method of Creating Adult Stem Cells Written by Kathy 414
Menstrual Blood Stem Cells Could Repair Stroke Damage to the Brain Written by Kathy 391
Study to investigate menstrual blood-derived stem cells as potential stroke therapy Written by Kathy 382
Safe, efficient method reported for creating and differentiating human pluripotent stem cells Written by Kathy 417
Technique to Reattach Teeth Using Stem Cells Developed at UIC Written by Kathy 402
Adult Stem Cell Products to Boost US Market The US adult stem cell product market is expected to touch the mark of US$ 730 Million by 2013, says RNCOS. Written by Kathy 393
McLean Researchers Awarded $1.9 Million Grant for Stem Cell, Blood Research Written by Kathy 407
EHSI: Researchers Convert Skin Cells into Liver Cells Tools Written by Kathy 372
'Firefly' Stem Cells May Repair Damaged Hearts Written by Kathy 395
Stem Cells That Save Big Pharma a Bundle Written by Kathy 437
Inhibiting Cell Signaling Pathway May Improve Bone Marrow Transplant Success Rate Written by Kathy 371
Athersys touts positive results for stem cell treatment for heart attack patients Written by Kathy 394
Scientists reveal gut stem cell secrets Written by Kathy 505
NeoStem and Progenitor Cell Therapy Announce Entry Into Merger Agreement Written by Kathy 540
Researchers Engineer Adult Stem Cells That Do Not Age, Overcoming a Major Barrier to Progress in Regenerative Medicine Written by Kathy 387
Athersys Receives Orphan Drug Designation for MultiStem in Graft vs. Host Disease Written by Kathy 1155
Stem cell research gets $2.6M seeking cure for heart failure Written by Kathy 367
Stem cell treatment 'restarts ovaries' in rat study Written by Kathy 376
Athersys Announces Groundbreaking Data Showing Neuroprotective Effects of MultiStem Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury Written by Kathy 404
Stem cell research is the best-kept secret in the galaxy Written by Kathy 390
Cellular Dynamics International, ACEA Biosciences, and Roche Applied Sciences Cooperate to Evaluate iCell Cardiomyocytes on the xCELLigence System Written by Kathy 467
Fat Stem Cells for Breast Reconstruction Safe if Cancer is Dormant Written by Kathy 367
Researchers create iPS cells from human gums Written by Kathy 365
Data from Clinical Trials Show Pluristem's Placenta-Derived Cell Therapy is Safe and Improves Quality of Life and Efficacy Measurements in Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 684
Stemedica Announces Completion of Clinical Stem Cell Master Bank Written by Kathy 323
First US trial of bone-marrow stem cells for heart attack patients proves safe Written by Kathy 362
AstraZeneca joins UCL to find stem cell cure for diabetic blindness Written by Kathy 349
A smart use for wisdom teeth: Making stem cells Written by Kathy 511
Business creates stem cell product Written by Kathy 348
How Physical Environment Influences Stem Cell Development Written by Kathy 353
Biologists Find Way to Reduce Stem Cell Loss During Cancer Treatment Written by Kathy 342
Bioheart's MyoCell Recognized as one of the Breakthrough Developments of 2010 Written by Kathy 486
Cell Therapy Foundation Calls for Additional Research, Extensive Clinical Trials Written by Kathy 400
Bone marrow cells can help in heart failure: study Written by Kathy 377
Adult stem cells used to aid recovery after surgery Written by Kathy 391
International Stem Cell Institute Launches Major Adipose Adult Stem Cell Therapy Program--The New Frontier of Medicine is Your Fat Written by Kathy 394
Liver cells created from patients’ skin cells Written by Kathy 367
Human umbilical cord blood cells aid lab animal brain cell survival after simulated stroke Written by Kathy 338
Bioheart Reports Significant Improvements in Heart Failure Patients from Center of Excellence Program Written by Kathy 461
Scientists Create Fertile Ground for Growing Stem Cells Written by Kathy 471
Stem cells from the thymus reprogrammed to become skin stem cells Written by Kathy 678
Covington man first to get new procedure Written by Kathy 381
Fox Center Receives Donation to Further Research on Stem Cell Therapy for Corneal Scarring Written by Kathy 322
Human neural stem cells restore motor function in mice with chronic spinal cord injury Written by Kathy 309
Stem cells from the thymus reprogrammed to become skin stem cells Written by Kathy 675
Cryo-Cell Announces Célle(SM) Research And Development Collaboration With Department Of Medicine, Monash University Written by Kathy 573
Scientists Direct Adult Stem Cells to Repair the Heart Written by Kathy 396
New stem cell discovery a preliminary step for regenerative medicine Written by Kathy 374
Scientists successfully use human induced pluripotent stem cells to treat Parkinson's in rodents Written by Kathy 308
ISCT joins forces with Roche and Genzyme to launch Cell Therapy Industry Partnership Written by Kathy 403
NSF Awards $3M Stem Cell Bio-Manufacturing Program to Georgia Tech Written by Kathy 380
Cytori Issued Celution(R) System Patent for Orthopedic & Spinal Disc Diseases Written by Kathy 365
Researchers discover that one type of stem cell creates a niche for another type within bone marrow Written by Kathy 348
Researchers Use Stem Cells to Treat Children with Life-Threatening, Blistering Skin Disease Written by Kathy 309
OMRF makes major stem cell discovery Written by Kathy 370
A Breakthrough in Cancer Therapy Through RNL BIO's Adult Stem Cell Technology Written by Kathy 459
Stem cell therapy may help circulation problems in legs Written by Kathy 348
Human embryonic stem cells and reprogrammed cells virtually identical Written by Kathy 340
Paralyzed Iraqi War Veteran Will Be First to Receive Adult Stem Cells to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries at TCA Cellular Therapy Written by Kathy 354
British cancer girl saved by windpipe made from her own stem cells Written by Kathy 379
Adult Stem Cell Studies Ahead of Embryonic Research The practical use of cells from patients' own bodies is being used to heal damaged tissue Written by Kathy 296
New Insights Into How Stem Cells Determine What Tissue to Become Written by Kathy 357
Adult stem-cell use dodges debate, offers hope Written by Kathy 373
Stem Cell Transplant Benefits Severe Lupus Written by Kathy 342
Revolutionary Findings Prove Novel Mechanism of Stem Cells Written by Kathy 347
Examine the promise of stem cell research Written by Kathy 321
Athersys stem cell therapy could offer new heart attack treatment Written by Kathy 313
Cytori Gains Stem Cell Device Approval in Europe for Breast Cancer Reconstruction and Soft Tissue Repair Written by Kathy 419
Cytori Gains Stem Cell Device Approval in Europe for Breast Cancer Reconstruction and Soft Tissue Repair Written by Kathy 403
Nanotechnology and stem cells rejuvenate arteries Written by Kathy 390
Scientists 'reprogram' mouse fat cells into clinically useful stem cells Written by Kathy 375
Tests begin on stem cell cure for rare heart disease Written by Kathy 372
New hope in stem cell therapy for blindness Written by Kathy 368
Stem cell treatment could help heart attack patients Written by Kathy 345
Prochymal New Drug Submission Granted Priority Review by Health Canada Written by Kathy 612
Gilbert, Ariz. Announces Biomedical Research Center for Stem Cell Processing, Treatments, and Storage Written by Kathy 417
Adult stem cells retain cellular memory of original tissue Written by Kathy 360
Reprogrammed cells 'remember,' retain characteristics of their cells of origin Written by Kathy 482
Unearthing King Tet: Key protein influences stem cell fate Written by Kathy 372
Stem cells to aid study of Parkinson's Written by Kathy 459
Scientists develop new way to grow adult stem cells in culture Written by Kathy 338
A new generation of biological scaffolds Written by Kathy 368
Stem cell treatment to be tested on osteoarthritis patients Written by Kathy 345
Biotech start-up wins Google's attention--and money Written by Kathy 378
Phase 3 Meeting Scheduled With US FDA Following Positive Results of Bone Marrow Regeneration Trial Written by Kathy 327
Stem Cell Therapy For Osteoarthritis: What is the Data? Written by Kathy 552
NeoStem to Receive $700,000 from the U.S. Army's Medical Research and Materiel Command to Advance Adult Stem Cell Therapies in Treating Traumatic Wounds Written by Kathy 366
Stem cell transplantation of therapy-resistant chronic leukemia successful Written by Kathy 390
USF Issued Patent for Technology to Improve Treatment for Neurogenerative Disease Written by Kathy 384
International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO.OB) and Sankara Nethralaya launch collaboration to develop stem cell-based treatment for corneal vision impairment Written by Kathy 346
Stem cell researchers successfully treat spinal cord injuries in mice Written by Kathy 338
AlloCure, With Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Failure, Arrives in New England with New CEO Written by Kathy 401
Researchers Create HIV Resitant Cells in Mice Written by Kathy 337
Scientists Make Immune Cells in Mice That Fight Off HIV HealthDay Written by Kathy 309
Mount Sinai Hospital scientists uncover important clues in the biology of stem cells Written by Kathy 336
Patients With Treatment-Resistant Chronic Leukemia Respond Positively to Stem Cell Transplants Written by Kathy 348
Reprogrammed human blood cells show promise for disease research Written by Kathy 384
Normal adult blood can generate pluripotent stem cells, study reports Written by Kathy 311
Stem cells from fat may help heal bone Written by Kathy 366
Tel Aviv University develops method for tracking adult stem cells as they regress Written by Kathy 304
Cardio3 BioSciences Reports Positive Three‐Month Data from its Clinical Trial of C‐Cure® in Heart Failure Written by Kathy 398
Stem Cell Therapy May Provide New Approach to Fight Infection Written by Kathy 366
Extracted teeth yield stem cells Written by Kathy 356
Pluristem is Advancing Toward Two Phase IIb Clinical Trials for Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia and Moderate-Severe Claudication Company Awarded a $2.5 Million Grant from Israeli Government Written by Kathy 285
Stem cells offer hope in CP battle Duke professor receives FDA authorization to start clinical trials Written by Kathy 413
Cellonis Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy: A Chance for Insulin Independence and the Reversal of Complications Written by Kathy 382
The Gamida Cell-TEVA Joint Venture Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for StemEx® for Leukemia and Lymphoma Written by Kathy 337
BioLife Opens First StemSource® Cell Bank in U.S. Written by Kathy 393
Medistem Reports Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Success Using Adult Stem Cell Protocol Written by Kathy 344
Pluripotent Stem Cell Leader Shinya Yamanaka to Receive Inamori Foundation's 26th Annual Kyoto Prize in "Advanced Technology" Written by Kathy 313
Stem Cells From Own Eyes Restore Vision to Blind Written by Kathy 332
Heart Bypass Patients Improve Significantly with Adult Stem Cell Infusion Reports TCA Cellular Therapy at ISSCR Meeting in San Francisco, CA Written by Kathy 303
Stem Cells from Fat May Help Heal Bone in Wounded Soldiers Written by Kathy 321
Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Facilitate Hematopoiesis In Vitro and In Vivo. Advantages Over Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Written by Kathy 304
Stem cell breakthrough offers new hope for lung disease patients Written by Kathy 332
SanBio Receives FDA Clearance to Initiate Cell Therapy Clinical Studies for Stroke Recovery Written by Kathy 287
UC San Diego, Salk Institute for Biological Studies and Life Technologies Team to Conduct Cell Transplant Research for ALS Written by Kathy 374
Promega and Cellular Dynamics Partner to Validate Stem Cell-Based In Vitro Assays for Predicting Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity Written by Kathy 597
STEMCELL Technologies is Proud to Announce STEMcirclesTM, a Virus-Free Technology for Reprogramming Cells Written by Kathy 332
Beike Biotech Launches New International Stem Cell Venture Written by Kathy 369
Stem Cells for First Time Used to Create Abnormal Heart Cells for Study of Heart Condition Written by Kathy 316
Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. Announces the Issuance of United States Patent Written by Kathy 343
International Stem Cell Corporation's Parthenogenetic Stem Cell Patent is Approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office Written by Kathy 434
ISSCR Launches Web Site Providing Information on Stem Cell Treatments Written by Kathy 344
New type of human stem cell may be more easy to manipulate Written by Kathy 368
Neostem Set to Become First Fully Commercial Stem Cell Medicine Play Written by Kathy 329
Lonza Announces Worldwide, Exclusive Licensing and Supply Agreements with California Stem Cell Inc. Written by Kathy 299
Innovative University of Virginia Technology Could Make Fat the Cure for What Ails You Written by Kathy 314
New Study Demonstrates Improvements in Lupus Patients Receiving Stem Cell Therapies Written by Kathy 310
Stem cell therapies for inflammatory brain diseases now possible Written by Kathy 298
UA doctor studies stem-cell use in cardiac recovery Written by Kathy 320
Immune system helps transplanted stem cells navigate in central nervous system Written by Kathy 336
New Collaborative Research Centre for Stem Cell Research Written by Kathy 318
Potential New Source of Stem Cells for Heart Repair Amniotic membrane used by Japanese researchers to rejuvenate damaged heart muscle in rats Written by Kathy 514
Bioheart Announces Cell Therapies Program in the Middle East for Congestive Heart Failure and Peripheral Arterial Disease Patients Written by Kathy 400
Mental Illness Tied to Immune Defect Written by Kathy 353
Is the Progression of Adult Stem Cell Therapies into the Clinic a Good Sign for Technology? Written by Kathy 318
Experimental bone marrow transplant could be cure for sickle cell disease Written by Kathy 398
Harnessing the power of stem cells to unlock the secrets of motor neuron disease Written by Kathy 439
UT researcher develops new method of stem cell culture Written by Kathy 323
Adult Stem Cell Research Avoids Ethical Concerns Written by Kathy 330
Breakthrough: The Pontifical Council for Culture and NeoStem Partner to Advance Adult Stem Cell Research Written by Kathy 415
Stem cell therapies offer treatment alternatives for peripheral artery disease Written by Kathy 324
Stem Cells Restore Tissue Affected By ALI Written by Kathy 353
Life-saving MS treatment praised Written by Kathy 344
Combination stem cell therapy for heart failure Written by Kathy 554
Immune System Transplanted to Cure Rare Disease Written by Kathy 350
Researchers achieve to 'reprogram' stem cells with human heart tissue, which might improve treatments for heart disease Written by Kathy 330
Stem cells of body lead to tooth regeneration Written by Kathy 427
European and international experts discuss the way forward in stem-cell research and development Written by Kathy 341
New findings complicate use of stem cells Written by Kathy 314
Beike Biotechnology Opens World's Largest Stem Cell Storage and Processing Facility Written by Kathy 417
Stem Cells | Autologous Neural Stem Cells Benefit Parkinson's Patients Written by Kathy 465
Stem Cells: In search Of A Master Controller Written by Kathy 348
Transplanted Adult Stem Cells Provide Lasting Help to Injured Hearts Written by Kathy 301
Cellular Dynamics Partners with iPS Academia Japan, Inc. to In-License Seminal iPS Cell Patent Portfolio Written by Kathy 547
Transplanted adult stem cells provide lasting help to injured hearts Written by Kathy 327
Cytori Reports Stem & Regenerative Cells from Body Fat Produce Statistically Significant Improvement in Heart Function in Chronic Ischemia Trial Written by Kathy 335
TCA Cellular Presents Promising Adult Stem Cells Treatment in Heart Attack Victims at SCAI Conference Written by Kathy 408
Stem cells from uterus treat Parkinsons in mice Written by Kathy 333
ThermoGenesis Announces Global Res-Q Distribution Agreement With GE Healthcare Written by Kathy 433
Osiris Resumes Enrollment in Stem Cell Trial for Crohn’s Disease Following Positive Interim Analysis Written by Kathy 305
Osiris Therapeutics Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Stem Cell Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes Written by Kathy 313
UGA discovery holds promise for treatment of diabetes and other debilitating diseases Written by Kathy 303
Power3 Principals Patent Stem Cell Breakthrough Identifying Protein Biomarkers Which Scientists Expect to be the Gold Standard for Future Stem Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 318
Interim Results From Aastrom's Vascular Trial to be Presented at Society for Vascular Surgery Annual Meeting Written by Kathy 328
Immune system 'reboot' aids MS patient Written by Kathy 375
UM researcher to test stem cell treatment for Alzheimer's Results from ALS trials spur optimism Written by Kathy 308
Scientists provide groundbreaking new understanding of stem cells Written by Kathy 296
Surface chemistry helps direct stem cell fate Written by Kathy 320
Vitro Forms Strategic Alliance With a Leading Stem Cell Company Written by Kathy 330
Pluristem Therapeutics Announces Interim Top-Line Results from PLX-PAD Clinical Trials Data Demonstrates PLX-PAD is Safe and Effective Written by Kathy 314
NeoStem, Inc. Officially Launches Adult Stem Cell Collection Center and R&D Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts Written by Kathy 343
Stempeutics announces clinical trial outcome of India’s FIRST stem cell prod “Stempeucel-CLI” Establishes strategic alliance with Cipla for product marketing Written by Kathy 299
NIH Study Confirms Location of Stem Cells Near Cartilage-Rich Regions in Bones First Step in Effort to Use Bone Stem Cells to Repair Malformed, Damaged Bone Written by Kathy 338
Gene silencing may be responsible for induced pluripotent stem cells' limitations Written by Kathy 312
Research on Stem Cells Shows a Ray of Hope Written by Kathy 331
'Leftover' veins from heart surgery yield stem cells Written by Kathy 317
Ontario's $11.5M will build network for stem cell-based therapies Written by Kathy 339
NeoStem, Inc. and ImmuneRegen BioSciences(R) Announce a Collaborative Agreement to Advance Stem Cell Technology Written by Kathy 363
StemCells, Inc. Plans to Advance to Second Clinical Trial in Batten Disease Written by Kathy 318
Novel Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise For HIV Patients Written by Kathy 313
Tohoku University team discovers new type of stem cells in human skin, bone Written by Kathy 314
Intravenous Administration of Endometrial Regenerative Cells (ERC) Induces Benefit in Heart Failure Patient Third Peer-Reviewed Medical Paper Describing Clinical Use of ERC Written by Kathy 281
Health: Stem Cell Breakthrough Highlights Adult Stem Cell Promise Says Christian Drapeau Written by Kathy 340
Chinese scientists discover marker indicating the developmental potential of stem cells Finding is expected to steer future work on therapies down the most efficient and promising paths Written by Kathy 222
Bioheart Uses Stem Cell Thereapy to Treat Congestive Heart Failure Written by Kathy 409
New Adult Stem Cell Collection Center in Austin to Open April 15, 2010 and Begin Collections Written by Kathy 295
How Can You Heal a Broken Heart? Written by Kathy 295
Adult stem cell engineered grafts could replace synthetic vascular bypass grafts Written by Kathy 312
Stem cell treatment shows early promise: Celgene Written by Kathy 334
Magnetic attraction of stem cells creates more potent treatment for heart attack Written by Kathy 331
Stem Cell "Moving" Nutrient Results Announced Written by Kathy 346
Fate Therapeutics Expands Stem Cell Modulator Pipeline with Acquisition of Verio Therapeutics Written by Kathy 344
US firm to test new heart treatment in Jordan Written by Kathy 340
Stem cell research center approved Written by Kathy 1903
Researchers grow high purity liver tissue from stem cells Written by Kathy 303
For Stem Cells, Practice Makes Perfect Written by Kathy 312
Stem Cells From Menstrual Blood May Benefit Stroke Patients Written by Kathy 297
New Discovery Could Speed Up Liver Repair Written by Kathy 421
LSU Researcher Receives Grant to Study Equine Adult Stem Cells Written by Kathy 329
Recent Advances Lead to a Breakthrough Method for Expanded Medical Use of Adult Stem Cells Written by Kathy 294
Promoting Healing by Keeping Skeletal Stem Cells ‘Young' Kicking Notch up a notch could aid treatment of osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis Written by Kathy 292
Replacement Bones, Grown to Order in the Lab Written by Kathy 351
Insulin-like signal needed to keep stem cells alive in adult brain Written by Kathy 437
Groundbreaking Stem Cell Research Being Done On Northshore Written by Kathy 363
Biologic Joint Reconstruction Using Stem Cells Proven Successful In Patients With Arthritis Written by Kathy 305
Bioheart Announces Cell Therapies Program in Latin America for Congestive Heart Failure and Peripheral Arterial Disease Patients Written by Kathy 713
Stemedica files IND application with US FDA for trial for treatment of stroke with adult allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells Written by Kathy 331
Newly-Identified Growth Factor Promotes Stem Cell Growth, Regeneration Written by Kathy 337
World first transplant in child Written by Kathy 529
Using stem cells to mend damaged hips Written by Kathy 337
Chemists influence stem–cell development with geometry Written by Kathy 316
Stem Cells Might One Day Treat Severe Asthma Written by Kathy 450
Research team uses stem cells to regenerate diseased gums Written by Kathy 682
Stem Cells Build New Blood Vessels to Treat Peripheral Arterial Disease Written by Kathy 365
New way found to mend traumatic bone loss Written by Kathy 369
Japanese researchers create intestine from stem cells Written by Kathy 327
Researchers Characterize Stem Cell Function Written by Kathy 332
Scientists find "mother" of all skin cells Written by Kathy 364
Harvard Bioscience, Inc. Launches Its First Regenerative Medicine Product "In Breath" Bioreactor Was Used for World's First Human Transplant of a Regenerated Airway Written by Kathy 344
Entest BioMedical Announces Creation of Proprietary Adult Stem Cell Lines To Serve as Platform for Screening of Regenerative Photoceuticals Written by Kathy 484
Theory of single stem cell for blood components challenged Written by Kathy 320
Breakthrough reveals blood vessel cells are key to growing unlimited amounts of adult stem cells Promises broad clinical benefits, from bone marrow transplantation to therapies for heart, brain, skin and lungs Written by Kathy 526
NeoStem Enters into SRA with University of Michigan; Funding from NIH Stem Cell Research Grant Written by Kathy 301
Stem Cell Therapy Helps End Dog's Pain Written by Kathy 387
KEY BONE REPAIR PATENT GRANTED IN THE UNITED STATES Ensures Long-Term, Exclusive Rights and Further Underpins Commercial Opportunities Written by Kathy 486
ZenBio, Inc. Delivers Human Islet Cells to Drive Diabetes Research and Discovery Written by Kathy 395
ReNeuron presents key pre-clinical efficacy data with ReN009 stem cell therapy at leading UK diabetes conference Written by Kathy 422
NFCTR Funded Researcher Makes Significant Progress in Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease Written by Kathy 351
Stem cell therapy used for urinary incontinence Written by Kathy 447
Pluristem Therapeutics Receives DSMB Approval to Advance to Final Dose Level with PLX-PAD Written by Kathy 387
X Prize may offer millions for stem cell breakthrough Read more: Written by Kathy 375
News & Views: Stem Cell Therapy Injects New Life into CV Options Written by Kathy 391
Adult Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Heart Attack Patients Written by Kathy 357
A Neurological Save with Adult Stem Cells Written by Kathy 401
Osiris says Prochymal met goals as treatment for children with graft vs. host disease Written by Kathy 354
UTHealth research shows modified adult stem cells may be helpful in spinal cord injury Written by Kathy 325
Histostem Participates in Clinical Trials Demonstrating the Effective Use of Its Proprietary Stem Cells in the Treatment of Cirrhosis of the Liver Written by Kathy 330
Fat Cells for Soft Tissue Reconstruction Written by Kathy 324
BrainStorm Enters Into Collaborative Agreement With Hadassah To Conduct Clinical Trials Written by Kathy 328
ReNeuron and Schepens Eye Research Institute receive unrestricted industrial grant to support US retinal stem cell collaboration Written by Kathy 350
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells From Patients With a Premature Aging Disorder Bring Surprises Written by Kathy 272
Athersys Announces Completion of Patient Enrollment in Phase I Study of Multistem(R) in Acute Myocardial Infarction Written by Kathy 283
Stem cell capsules to target broken bones Written by Kathy 295
'Death' proteins help stem cells develop: study 'DNA damage isn't necessary a bad thing' Written by Kathy 216
SpineSmith to Present at the 5th Annual Stem Cell Summit Written by Kathy 331
Adult stem cell transplant therapy may help prevent amputations from PAD Written by Kathy 361
Stem Cells May Improve Fat Grafting Outcomes Written by Kathy 526
Cartilage replacement therapy Written by Kathy 393
MCG to conduct first FDA-approved stem cell trial in pediatric cerebral palsy Written by Kathy 307
Athersys Receives U.S. Patent Covering Adult Stem Cell Composition & Production Written by Kathy 314
Data Monitoring Committee Recommends Continuation of Phase III Study of StemEx®, a Cord Blood Stem Cell Product, for Leukemia and Lymphoma Written by Kathy 280
StemCells, Inc. Announces First Human Neural Stem Cell Transplant in Landmark Myelination Disorder Trial Written by Kathy 311
ReNeuron receives final regulatory approval to commence landmark stroke clinical trial in UK. Written by Kathy 291
UWM engineer creates unique software that predicts stem cell fate Written by Kathy 279
Stem Cell Research Makes Another Advance Written by Kathy 339
Doc on cutting edge of stem cell use Written by Kathy 314
Bioheart Launches First US FDA Approved Clinical Trial that Tests Gene-Modified Stem Cell Therapy in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure Written by Kathy 259
Fate Therapeutics Receives Allowance of First U.S. Patent for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology Written by Kathy 366
Adult stem cells hold hope for healing damaged hearts Written by Kathy 266
International Medical Association Publishes Guidelines For Tracking Adult Stem Cell Treatment Safety Written by Kathy 413
American Medical Systems and Tissue Genesis Ink $1.1 Million Collaboration Pact Written by Kathy 293
Novel Theory for Mammalian Stem Cell Regulation Written by Kathy 279
American Medical Systems and Tissue Genesis Sign $1.1 Million Collaboration Deal Written by Kathy 296
Blood will tell old stem cells how to act young Joslin scientists uncover clues toward treating age-related conditions via the blood Written by Kathy 261
Reportlinker Adds Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Written by Kathy 378
Skin cells turned into brain cells while bypassing embryonic state Written by Kathy 248
Dramatic transformation: Researchers directly turn mouse skin cells into neurons, skipping IPS stage Written by Kathy 268
Fat Tissue May Be a Source of Valuable Blood Stem Cells, Study Says Written by Kathy 300
University of Maryland Researchers Study Post-Heart Attack Adult Stem Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 383
Osiris Completes Enrollment in Stem Cell Trial for Type 1 Diabetes Written by Kathy 366
Cells found in adult human body could be key to breakthroughs in treatment of arthritis, blood problems Written by Kathy 409
Stem Cell Assurance Announces a Financing and Marketing Partnership With MDwerks Written by Kathy 340
Watertown's Boston Biomedical looking to develop adult stem cell center Written by Kathy 312
Can Miromatrix “regenerate” Minnesota’s medical industry? An exclusive interview with Dr. Doris Taylor and Miromatrix CEO Rob Cohen Written by Kathy 403
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FDA Gives TCA Cellular Therapy Green Light to Proceed with First ALS Adult Stem Cell Trial Using Patient’s Own Stem Cells Written by Kathy 276
Alphatec Spine, Inc. Enters Into Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Parcell Spine, LLC Written by Kathy 277
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Beike Biotechnology, Jiangsu University and Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital Receive $1.8 Million for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell R&D and Clinical Trials Written by Kathy 264
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The Latest Front In the War on Arthritis Written by Kathy 337
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Adult Stem Cells
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