Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

Discgenics Successfully Completes Pilot Efficacy Study of Injectable Discosphere™ Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 437
New mouse research in Nature raises hope that human liver stem cells can be similarly grown, transplanted Written by Kathy 546
Bone Marrow Cells Used in Bladder Regeneration Written by Kathy 643
Pluristem Receives FDA Orphan Drug Status Designation for Treatment of Aplastic Anemia Written by Kathy 639
Animal Cell Therapies, Inc. and University of Florida Receive $330k Grant from The Sabes Foundation for Stem Cell Study Written by Kathy 413
Lonza Awarded Contract to Generate Research Grade iPSCs by the National Institutes of Health Center for Regenerative Medicine Written by Kathy 559
Gladstone Scientist Named Inaugural Winner of Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Written by Kathy 664
Osiris Therapeutics Receives Title of European Orphan Drug Designation for Prochymal® Written by Kathy 700
Osiris Therapeutics Successfully Defends Key Stem Cell Patent Challenge Written by Kathy 577
Embryo-like stem cells enter first human trial Written by Kathy 948
Gamida Cell’s NiCord® Demonstrates Successful Engraftment in Patients with Hematological Malignancies in Phase I/II Study Written by Kathy 623
Queen's study aims to use stem cells to help save sight of diabetes sufferers Written by Kathy 573
New Study Shows Stem Cells’ Promise as Future ALS Treatment Written by Kathy 867
JDRF and California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Increase Funding of ViaCyte Written by Kathy 922
StemCells, Inc. Announces First Patient Cohort Completes Spinal Cord Injury Trial - Gains in Sensory Function Persist 12 Months After Stem Cell Transplant Written by Kathy 551
Northwestern Medicine researchers investigate stem cell therapy for stroke Written by Kathy 971
RNL BIO filed Phase II/III Clinical Trial with KFDA to Treat Cerebral Palsy Using Autologous Fat Derived Stem Cells Written by Kathy 702
Cells Forged from Human Skin Show Promise in Treating MS, Myelin Disorders Written by Kathy 627
Pioneering research to manufacture cells from umbilical cord blood Written by Kathy 604
Insception Biosciences Inc. Offers New Expertise to CCRM’s Industry Consortium Written by Kathy 743
Regen BioPharma Files Investigational New Drug (IND) Application With FDA on HemaXellerate I™ Stem Cell Drug for Aplastic Anemia Written by Kathy 761
Gamida Cell’s StemEx® Achieves Primary Endpoint in Phase II/III Clinical Study Written by Kathy 583
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Adult Stem Cells
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