Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

American CryoStem Announces Adult Stem Cell and Adipose Tissue Collection Center Written by Kathy 598
Stem cells being made from blood Written by Kathy 441
American CryoStem Corporation and XeoStem LLC Complete Adipose Stem Cell Processing and Tissue Banking Agreement Written by Kathy 456
Fate Therapeutics Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Study of ProHema for the Treatment of Hematologic Malignancies Written by Kathy 490
Study suggests different organ-derived stem cell injections improve heart function Written by Kathy 436
TiGenix Steps Up Cell Therapy Effort Written by Kathy 504
Study Advances Use of Stem Cells in Personalized Medicine Written by Kathy 462
Adult stem cells to grow-your-own corneal implant Written by Kathy 500
Cardio3 BioSciences Receives Authorization to Begin World's First Phase III Clinical Trial in Regenerative Medicine for Heart Failure Written by Kathy 490
Stem Cell Pioneer Recognized for 20 Years of Discovery and Innovation Written by Kathy 525
NeoStem Receives Notification of $1.2 million NIH Grant Award for First Clinical Study of VSEL TM Technology in Humans Written by Kathy 391
Mesoblast Reaches Key Manufacturing Agreement with FDA for Supply of Mesenchymal Precursor Cells in Phase 3 Clinical Trials Written by Kathy 596
Bio-Matrix' Regen BioPharma Initiates Pre-Clinical Study in Support of HemaXellerateTM Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 587
A novel therapeutic advancement in the search for heart muscle progenitor cells - hope for heart attack patients Written by Kathy 411
First randomised controlled trial to show spinal cord regeneration in dogs Written by Kathy 434
Harvest Technologies Corporation Granted CE Mark for Expanded Clinical Indication for Treatment of No-Option Critical Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 523
Stem Cell Clinical Trials to Tackle Diabetes Written by Kathy 473
UC-Davis and Stemcyte Announce Cord Blood Banking Partnership Written by Kathy 428
Pancreas stem cell discovery may lead to new diabetes treatments Written by Kathy 433
Stem Cell Finding Could Advance Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer Written by Kathy 431
Down Syndrome Researchers Remove Extra Copy Of Chromosome 21 Written by Kathy 478
Ontario Genomics Institute Invests in Stem Cell Technology at Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Written by Kathy 417
First Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease Patient Receives NiCord® Stem Cell Transplantation in Gamida Cell Pilot Study at Duke University Written by Kathy 407
Oklahoma banking on adult stem cell research Written by Kathy 491
Stem cell scientists discover potential way to expand cells for use with patients Written by Kathy 349
Wellcome Trust and MRC invest £13m to create a new national stem cell resource Written by Kathy 448
Cardiac Cell Therapy Phase III Trial to Treat Refractory Angina Written by Kathy 849
UofL, Brigham and Women’s/Harvard researchers also report no safety issues in phase I trial Written by Kathy 444
Study: Stem Cells From Strangers Can Repair Hearts Written by Kathy 482
iPSC Deal Focuses on Reagents and Cell Lines Written by Kathy 519
Stem cells reverse chemo-induced infertility in monkeys: Next step humans? Written by Kathy 485
Athersys Receives Cell Therapy Manufacturing Award Written by Kathy 574
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Adult Stem Cells
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