Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

Cell therapy for stroke: use of local astrocytes Written by Kathy 561
Duke researchers engineer cartilage from pluripotent stem cells Written by Kathy 534
Bioheart to Initiate ANGEL Trial in Mexico Written by Kathy 553
Kobe scientists apply to use iPS cell therapy on human retinas Written by Kathy 616
ViaCyte Receives $10.1 Million Strategic Partnership Award from CIRM to Continue Development of Diabetes Therapy Written by Kathy 511
Gov. Perry: Texas Can Become the Nation's Center for Regenerative Medicine Written by Kathy 524
Cardiovascular and Chronic Liver Disease Cell Therapy Clinical Studies Approved in Japan Written by Kathy 555
NIH-CRM Awards Cellular Dynamics up to $7 Million to Produce Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Differentiated Tissue Cells Written by Kathy 712
Investigator-Sponsored Cell Therapy Clinical Study for Scleroderma Initiated in France Written by Kathy 549
Cellectis bioresearch Inc. wins a $6.9 million contract with The National Institutes of Health on iPS cells Written by Kathy 601
GenCure and StemBioSys Research Agreement Written by Kathy 440
Study identifies natural process activating brain's immune cells that could point way to repairing damaged brain Written by Kathy 563
New stem cell discovery has great therapeutic potential Written by Kathy 505
Pluristem's PLX Cells Reduce Fibrotic Processes Written by Kathy 639
Cellectis Wins Up to $9.5M NIH Stem Cell Contract Written by Kathy 494
Scientists develop new stem cell tech Written by Kathy 561
Athersys Presents New Data Demonstrating Potential Benefits From MultiStem After Spinal Cord Injury Written by Kathy 553
Association Establishes the AABB Center for Cellular Therapies Written by Kathy 522
Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Autism? Written by Kathy 552
UCSF study shows evidence that transplanted neural stem cells produced myelin Written by Kathy 479
Neural-like Stem Cells from Muscle Tissue May Hold Key to Cell Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases Written by Kathy 549
Immunovative, Inc. Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent on Key Scientific Breakthrough Written by Kathy 489
First Patient Treated in Cytori's U.S. Cell Therapy Heart Failure Trial Written by Kathy 497
Safety results of intra-arterial stem cell clinical trial for stroke presented Written by Kathy 484
StemGenex™ on Adult Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Written by Kathy 486
UK, Japan scientists win Nobel for adult stem cell discovery Written by Kathy 466
FDA Approves DUCORD Product from Duke for Stem Cell Transplants Written by Kathy 457
Athersys Presents Research Progress in Its Multiple Sclerosis Program Written by Kathy 482
TEL and imec Extend Partnership into Life Science Related Research Written by Kathy 471
Pluristem Develops Point-of-Care Thawing Device for PLX Cells Written by Kathy 474
New stem cell research could bring choices to heart patients Written by Kathy 525
Athersys Reports on Progress in Phase 2 Study of MultiStem for Ischemic Stroke Written by Kathy 672
Athersys Reports on Progress in Phase 2 Study of MultiStem for Ischemic Stroke Written by Kathy 493
Stem Cell-Modifying Antibodies for Regenerative Therapies Written by Kathy 509
Immune System Harnessed to Improve Stem Cell Transplant Outcomes Written by Kathy 431
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Adult Stem Cells
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