Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

Pluristem Files for Orphan Drug Status with U.S. FDA for Use of PLX Cells in Treatment of Aplastic Anemia Written by Kathy 574
Stem cell-powered implant set to revolutionise orthopaedic surgery Written by Kathy 737
Neuralstem Completes Phase I ALS Stem Cell Trial Written by Kathy 682
AMERICA STEM CELL, INC. Initiates a Phase I/II Trial of ASC-101 in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies Undergoing Dual-Cord Transplantation Written by Kathy 626
Stem Cells May Have Role in Myeloma Therapy Written by Kathy 698
Pluristem Commences U.S. FDA Phase II Clinical Trial for Intermittent Claudication Written by Kathy 1233
New partnership to drive mass production of life-saving stem cells - Commercialization Impact Prize is first of its kind in Canada Written by Kathy 624
Johns Hopkins Researchers Return Blood Cells to Stem Cell State Written by Kathy 624
Autism Stem-Cell Therapy to Be Tested in Kids in Trials Written by Kathy 678
Pluristem Receives Approval from Indian Ministry of Health for Use of PLX Cells in Phase II Trial for Treatment of Buerger's Disease Written by Kathy 745
Stemedica International Receives Licenses From Swissmedic For Import And Export Of Its Stemedyne™ Stem Cell Line Written by Kathy 692
ReNeuron receives DSMB clearance to progress to higher dose in stem cell clinical trial in disabled stroke patients: First patient treated in this higher dose cohort Written by Kathy 944
Stem cells prevent post-injury arthritis, scientists claim Written by Kathy 679
TiGenix Completes Patient Enrollment in Phase IIa Rheumatoid Arthritis Study Written by Kathy 702
Stem-cell pioneer banks on future therapies Written by Kathy 687
Pluristem Receives Approval to Commence a Phase I/II Study for Muscle Regeneration in Germany Written by Kathy 643
University Hospitals Case Medical Center to study stem cell therapy for stroke treatment Written by Kathy 643
Life of Cancer Patient Suffering from Bone Marrow Failure Saved Following Treatment with Pluristem's PLX Cells Written by Kathy 670
Aberrations Pose A Challenge for Reprogramming Stem Cells Written by Kathy 712
Bioheart close to raising $2M to restart clinical trials Written by Kathy 673
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Adult Stem Cells
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