Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

ASCR Network Features

The ASCR Network’s primary mission is to provide a system for collaboration and communication among adult stem cell laboratories and researchers. The ASCR Network website is currently under development, but read below to learn about how the completed ASCR Network website will function:

·    Laboratory Membership Directory
Members of the ASCR Network Laboratory will be listed in the ASCR Network Directory. While the public will be able to view members of the Lab Directory, full member details will only be accessible by other ASCR Network Labortatory members. 

·    Vendor and Service Providers
In addition to the Laboratory directory, ASCR Network will house a separate, comprehensive list of vendors, service providers and therapeutic manufacturers related to adult stem cell research.

·    Instant chat and communication using Skype with real-time online status
A display will show members who are currently online.  Live-updating Skype status will allow one-click chat and communication for all online members.

·    Secure and private forum for collaboration
An open-topic forum will be provided for all ASCR Network Laboratory members to enable discussions relating to adult stem cell research.  As with the rest of the membership area of the website, the forum will be secure and closed to the public.

·    Promotion of clinical trials
ASCR Network will lead an active campaign to promote our Laboratory members’ clinical trials on the main page of our website.  We anticipate that our public promotion of these trials will boost their success rate by helping to match patients to trials in a more timely manner.

Adult Stem Cells
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Adult Stem Cells
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