Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

Stem Cell as Anti-Aging "Medicine" Written by Kathy 680
Stem cell therapies for hearts inching closer to wide use Written by Kathy 721
Vitamin C is key to creating stem cells Written by Kathy 721
Human-induced pluripotent stem cells from blood cells of healthy donors and patients with acquired blood disorders Written by Kathy 606
Athersys Inc. shares more than double on Pfizer agreement to develop inflammatory bowel disease therapy Written by Kathy 658
Penn Researchers Find Reproductive Germ Cells Survive and Thrive In Transplants, Even Among Species Written by Kathy 639
Stem-Cell Activators Switch Function, Repress Mature Cells Written by Kathy 704
Cellular Dynamics Announces Commercial Launch of iCell™ Cardiomyocytes for Drug Candidate Toxicity Screening Human iCell Cardiomyocytes Provide Alternative to Non-human, Tumor-derived, and Cadaveric Cellular Model Systems to Better Predict Cardiac Toxicit Written by Kathy 563
Bioheart makes breakthrough in stem cell treatment for critical limb ischemia Written by Kathy 850
The Impact of Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine is Highlighted by Five Posters and Two Oral Presentations at the 2009 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting Written by Kathy 626
Climber’s leg saved by adult stem cell surgery Written by Kathy 873
Medical Society Announces Publication of Largest Stem Cell Safety Study to Date Written by Kathy 681
Umbilical cord could be new source of plentiful stem cells, say Pitt researchers Written by Kathy 631
Bone marrow cells may significantly reduce risk of second heart attack Written by Kathy 641
UT Houston researchers launch Phase II trial of stem cells and acute heart attack Written by Kathy 625
Why Cell-Enriched Fat Grafting is Safe & Effective: New Mechanistic Support in Preclinical Model Written by Kathy 613
MS sufferer walks after stem cell treatment Written by Kathy 706
Umbilical Stem Cells May Help Recover Lost Vision for Those With Corneal Disease Written by Kathy 651
New stem cell technology developed at Hebrew University leads to better treatment for complicated bone fractures Written by Kathy 335
Stem cell research gives hope to stroke patients Written by Kathy 402
New Skin Stem Cells Surprisingly Similar to Those Found in Embryos Written by Kathy 401
ImmuneRegen BioSciences'(R) Drug Candidate Homspera Confirms Efficacy as Cancer Vaccine Adjuvant Written by Kathy 381
Successful stem cell therapy for treatment of eye disease Written by Kathy 412
Blood stem-cell transplant regimen reverses sickle cell disease in adults Written by Kathy 404
UCLA researchers demonstrate that stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV Written by Kathy 362
Stem cell research gives hope to stroke patients Written by Kathy 371
Kiadis Pharma announces enrollment of first patients in a multinational registration study for ATIR™ Written by Kathy 390
UCSB, UCL Scientists Rescue Visual Function in Rats Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Written by Kathy 361
Study on Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cell Mobilization Presented at American Society of Hematology Anual Meting on December 5, 2009 Written by Kathy 417
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Finds Hope Through Stem Cell Treatment Written by Kathy 368
Prof. Snead wins adult stem cell research grant Written by Kathy 413
StemCyte Licenses Promising IP for Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Stroke Written by Kathy 381
For First Time, Study Proves Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Patients Is Safe Written by Kathy 377
New technique could revolutionize stem-cell transplants Written by Kathy 357
Pitt Group Helps Vets With Facial Injuries Written by Kathy 375
Mercy Gilbert lead institution in stem-cell trial Written by Kathy 406
Edmonton doctor’s stem cell research gives hope for preemies Written by Kathy 379
Celling Technologies Signs Exclusive Agreement to Research and Develop Adipose Tissue Stem Cell Technology in Regenerative Medicine Institutes Written by Kathy 341
Bone repair 'breakthrough' at Hadassah Written by Kathy 387
Cancer-Fighting Drugs Delivered Right to the Tumor Written by Kathy 415
WFU researchers make breakthrough: Study shows versatility of amnion cells Written by Kathy 454
Interim Results From Aastrom's IMPACT-DCM Cardiac Trial Presented at The American Heart Association Meeting Written by Kathy 495
Pluristem Therapeutics Announces Three Month Follow-Up Data from the First Patient to Receive PLX-PAD Data Suggests PLX-PAD is Safe, with Noted Improvement in Measured Efficacy Parameters Written by Kathy 356
Stem Cells May Improve Heart Bypass Results Written by Kathy 379
ReNeuron presents positive pre-clinical efficacy data with ReN009 stem cell therapy for peripheral arterial disease at leading US scientific conference. Written by Kathy 463
Your Own Stem Cells Can Treat Heart Disease Written by Kathy 408
Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Attack Patients Written by Kathy 401
Autologous mesenchymal stem cells produce reverse remodelling in chronic ischaemic cardiomyopathy Written by Kathy 368
Phase 1/2 Results for Aldagen's ALD-301 Critical Limb Ischemia Clinical Study Presented at AHA Written by Kathy 410
Cytori Completes Enrollment in International Breast Cancer Reconstruction Study; Interim Data to Be Presented Dec. 12 at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Written by Kathy 328
Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life Written by Kathy 372
Fate Therapeutics Scores $30M to Advance Its Adult Stem Cell Technology Written by Kathy 378
Sigma-Aldrich Enters Distribution Agreement With Stemgent, Inc. to Offer Lentivirus-Based Gene Delivery Products for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research Written by Kathy 410
Aastrom to Initiate Second Phase II Clinical Trial for Treatment of Severe Chronic Heart Failure Catheter-Based Delivery of CRCs by Cardiologists to Expand Company's Ongoing Cardiovascular Program Written by Kathy 304
BrainStorm Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Shown To Be More Effective Than Other Current Potential Stem Cell Treatments Written by Kathy 358
Scientists successfully reprogram blood cells Written by Kathy 398
Laboratory-Grown Replacement of Penile Erectile Tissue In Animals Suggests Potential to Benefit Patients Written by Kathy 406
Faster route to stem-like cells Written by Kathy 423
Gladstone and Stanford In Collaboration to Develop Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) Cells for Cardiac Therapies Written by Kathy 352
Immune therapy can protect against or treat later lymphoma Written by Kathy 375
Gene therapy makes major stride in 'Lorenzo's Oil' disease Written by Kathy 390
Stem Cell Study Under Way at Baptist Hospital Written by Kathy 401
Beike Biotechnology Invests in Leading Japanese Regenerative Medicine Co., Biomaster Inc. Written by Kathy 383
Recovery of damaged heart possible through stem cells therapy Written by Kathy 418
Entest BioMedical Files Patent Application for Selective Targeting of Stem Cells to Lung Using Photoceutical Devices Written by Kathy 336
New clues to why stem cells stop dividing Written by Kathy 397
Heart Disease and Cellular Therapy: Start of Phase III Clinical Trial "PERFECT" Using Autologous CD133+ Bone Marrow Stem Cells Written by Kathy 336
Experimental Stem Cell Therapy Raises Hope for Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients Written by Kathy 1721
Stanford, Gladstone get $10M for cardiac stem cell consortium Written by Kathy 370
Heart Disease and Cellular Therapy: Start of Phase III Clinical Trial "PERFECT" Using Autologous CD133+ Bone Marrow Stem Cells Written by Kathy 362
Stem Cell Therapy May Offer Hope for Acute Lung Injury Written by Kathy 357
Radiation Stops Stem Cells From Dividing Written by Kathy 391
Adult stem cell therapy developer Aldagen of NC files IPO estimated at $80.5 million Written by Kathy 351
State awards $49.2 million to UCLA stem cell scientists to develop new therapies for disease Written by Kathy 339
StemCells, Inc.'s Neural Stem Cells Show Promise for Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration Written by Kathy 529
Reprogramming a Patient's Eye Cells May Herald New Treatments Against Degenerative Disease Written by Kathy 344
Scientists develop novel method to generate functional hepatocytes for drug testing Written by Kathy 374
Harvest Technologies Announces FDA Approval Written by Kathy 369
Key stem cell research under way UM and Bioheart may have breakthroughs Written by Kathy 449
State of the stem cell Written by Kathy 477
Stem cell transplants stalled blindness in rats Written by Kathy 392
Presentation of Adult Stem Cell Study Highlights Promising Application of Autologous Stem Cells for Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury Written by Kathy 387
Adipose-Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells Show Potential in First-in-Man Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence Written by Kathy 318
Stem cells offer new hope for kidney disease patients For Alport syndrome, several cell-based therapies show promise Written by Kathy 348
Bioengineered Stem Cells May Offer New Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Patients Written by Kathy 402
Harvard team reports major step forward in cell reprogramming Written by Kathy 444
Wayne State Study Shows Adult Stem Cell Grafts Help Paralyzed Written by Kathy 389
Introducing Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Written by Kathy 1003
Groundbreaking Stem Cell Surgery Gives Boy New Cheekbones Genetic Defect Causes Underdeveloped Facial Bones, Tissues Written by Kathy 413
Jaw bone created from stem cells Written by Kathy 417
Res-Q point-of-care cell processing system from Celling Technologies Written by Kathy 384
Liver cells grown from patients' skin cells Treatment of liver diseases possible Written by Kathy 411
Research Reveals Unique Properties of Vitro’s Fluorescent Stem Cells Written by Kathy 375
3 American scientists share Nobel Prize in medicine Written by Kathy 404
Cardiac Stem Cell Trial Seeks to Treat Some Heart Attack Patients Written by Kathy 377
Umbilical cord blood as a readily available source for off-the-shelf, patient-specific stem cells Written by Kathy 351
UCSF, Osiris start cardiac stem cell study Written by Kathy 509
Bioheart Makes Breakthrough in Cardiovascular Therapy with Stem Cells Obtained from Fat Tissue Written by Kathy 363
Snorting stem cells Written by Kathy 428
Stem Cell Study Raises Hope for Bone Repair Pastes Written by Kathy 372
Lowly fat cells may hold key to healthier hearts Written by Kathy 552
Neuralstem wins FDA approval for ALS stem cell trial Written by Kathy 426
Louisiana's TCA Cellular Therapy's Findings Reported at World Stem Cell Summit -- Patients' Legs Saved from Amputation Using Adult Stem Cells Written by Kathy 1139
Study on PLC Systems' TMR Therapy With Stem Cells Presented at ESC 2009 Written by Kathy 396
New hope for patients – Researchers at Hohenstein successfully colonise a textile implant with human stem cells Written by Kathy 311
Cytori Reports Preclinical Results that Suggest Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells may Reverse Periodontal Disease Written by Kathy 348
Adult stem cell research creating miracles in Covington Written by Kathy 386
Rare genetic disease successfully reversed using stem cell transplantation Written by Kathy 366
Stem cells - a cure for fatal muscular dystrophy Written by Kathy 419
Bioheart Inc. Announces Positive Results in the MARVEL Phase II/III Clinical Trial Written by Kathy 370
Osiris Therapeutics Announces Preliminary Results for Prochymal Phase III GvHD Trials Written by Kathy 347
How stem cells make skin Written by Kathy 386
'Liposuction leftovers' easily converted to iPS cells, study shows Written by Kathy 339
BrainStorm Enters into a Strategic Agreement with Harlan Biotech as It Approaches Clinical Trials for ALS Written by Kathy 351
Pluristem Begins Enrollment in U.S. With Unmatched Placenta-Derived Stem Cell Product PLX-PAD in a Phase I Clinical Trial for Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease Written by Kathy 717
NFCTR Receives $1.6 Million Grant for Cell Transplant Research Written by Kathy 407
Liposuction Fat Turns to Stem Cells Quicker Than Skin in Study Written by Kathy 354
StemCells, Inc. Demonstrates Protection Of Neurological Function In Batten Mouse Written by Kathy 345
Pushing the limit: Alexandria native Humphries fights through MS to play in tourney
 Written by Kathy 387
British Scientists Use Patients' Own Adult Stem Cells to Help Avoid Hip Replacement Written by Kathy 374
Stemedica Achieves Major Milestone - Company Receives License to Manufacture Clinical Grade Stem Cells Written by Kathy 338
Vitro Builds Its Product and Technology Base for Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 387
TCA Cellular Therapy Presents Adult Stem Cell Findings to European Society of Cardiology Congress Written by Kathy 370
Grant to aid stem-cell research
 Written by Kathy 421
Investors rain NIS 5.2 million down on BrainStorm to finish clinical trials Written by Kathy 440
Skin cells changed into retina tissue Written by Kathy 406
Bio-Matrix Scientific’s Research Subsidiary, Entest BioMedical, Inc., Files Stem Cell Therapy Patent Application for Treatment of COPD Written by Kathy 380
 Written by Kathy 357
Watching Stem Cells Repair the Human Brain Written by Kathy 405
Nano-magnets guide stem cells to damaged tissue Written by Kathy 456
Researchers identify a coronary vascular progenitor cell capable of growing new coronary arteries Written by Kathy 339
Celling Technologies Sets New Standards With Sophisticated Adult Stem Cell Device Written by Kathy 386
Cleveland: NE Ohio stem cell research is cutting edge Written by Kathy 390
Quantcast Special Stem Cells Build 'Biological Bypass' Written by Kathy 341
Stem cells to treat damaged hearts Therapies may be available in two to five years Written by Kathy 375
Cryo-Save India to launch human adipose tissue stem cells storage services Written by Kathy 416
U.Va. Researchers Unlocking the Healing Promise of Stem Cells Derived from Fat Written by Kathy 380
Compassionate Use Patients in Spain Treated With Adult Stem Cell Therapy Demonstrate Jaw Bone Regeneration Enabling Dental Implants Written by Kathy 366
Scientists Find Way to Coax Human Stem Cells Into Becoming T Cells Written by Kathy 363
Stem cell hierarchy offers potential for isolating, growing cells Researchers determine hierarchy for mesenchymal stem cells Written by Kathy 331
Vitro Announces New Stem Cell Product to Support Clinical Trials Expanding Written by Kathy 389
Novartis Acquires Opexa’s Stem Cell Technology for $4M Written by Kathy 420
Company Presents Data on Menstrual Stem Cells at Global Stem Cell Research Symposium Written by Kathy 400
Osiris Achieves Milestone Payment for Progress Developing Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes Written by Kathy 418
UF scientists program blood stem cells to become vision cells Written by Kathy 392
Reprogramming Human Cells Without Inserting Genes Written by Kathy 357
Male germ cells can be directly converted into other cell types Written by Kathy 382
Correction To Earlier Release From Jewish Hospital And University Of Louisville Written by Kathy 329
Stem cells: Therapy for dogs and horses could translate to humans Written by Kathy 383
Aldagen Announces Review Article on Potential of Its Adult Stem Cell Therapies for Cardiovascular Diseases Written by Kathy 347
Students Embed Stem Cells in Sutures to Enhance Healing Written by Kathy 387
Stem Cells Used for 'Biological Pacemaker' Written by Kathy 396
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Repair Heart, Mayo Clinic Study Shows New iPS therapy pioneered for heart attacks Written by Kathy 505
United States FDA Clears the REGEN Trial to Test Bioheart's Combination Gene and Stem Cell Therapy in Heart Failure Patients Written by Kathy 399
Traxxec Inc. and Stem Cell Assurance, OTC:TRXX.PK, announce Joint Venture with Dr. Larry M. Perich and The Perich Eye Center Written by Kathy 336
Heart failure patient improves after clinical trial Written by Kathy 361
World's First Cardiac Adult Stem Cell Patient and Physicians Discuss Clinical Trial Written by Kathy 414
Technique might lead to new treatment for heart attacks Written by Kathy 373
Adult stem cells could offer Alzheimer's hope Written by Kathy 412
Stem Cell Treatments in the News: NeoStem Featured on CBS's Eye on New York Written by Kathy 367
International Cellular Medicine Society Seeks to Educate Patients on Off-Shore Stem Cells Clinics Written by Kathy 377
Kids Shunned for Hair Loss Get Help From Their Own Stem Cells Written by Kathy 420
Novel stem cell trial targets heart disease Written by Kathy 395
Advances in Menstrual Stem Cell Technology May End Stem Cell Controversy Written by Kathy 385
Retired Perth Amboy principal 'reborn' after stem-cell transplant Written by Kathy 454
Pluristem Therapeutics Announces First Patient Enrollment in Phase I Clinical Trial for Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease With PLX-PAD Written by Kathy 338
ReNeuron announces publication of data on mechanism of action of lead CTX stem cell line Written by Kathy 333
Max Planck researchers have succeeded for the first time in reprogramming clearly defined adult cells into pluripotent stem cells - directly and without viruses Written by Kathy 335
Cellular Dynamics International Reprograms Blood Cells into Stem Cells Written by Kathy 534
First Human Receives Cardiac Stem Cells in Clinical Trial to Heal Damage Caused By Heart Attacks Written by Kathy 357
Early heart attack therapy with bone marrow extract improves cardiac function Written by Kathy 378
Leading Experts Endorse Bioheart's Muscle Stem Cell MyoCell Therapy Written by Kathy 422
Fate Therapeutics to Present Data on Stimulation of Osteogenic Activity Using Small Molecule Modulators of Wnt Pathway Written by Kathy 366
NeoStem Raises Additional Funds from Principals of Suzhou Erye Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd. and U.S. Institutional and Private Investors, Bringing the Total Recent Financings to Over $15 Million; Funds Will Support Expansion Activities in the United State Written by Kathy 334
Fate Therapeutics Granted Exclusive License By The Regents of the University of California to Stem Cell Modulators for Osteo-Regeneration Written by Kathy 357
Stemedica Discovers Significant Breakthrough in the Use of Stem Cells and Stem Cell Factors for the Treatment of Retinal Degeneration Written by Kathy 410
Neuralstem Enters into Agreement with China Medical University in Taiwan to Develop Stem Cell Stroke Treatment Written by Kathy 332
Possible cure found for Crohn's disease Written by Kathy 433
Xie Lab Uncovers Molecular Machinery Related to Stem Cell Fate Written by Kathy 353
UPCI Joins ExCell Research Study Using Stem Cells for Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients Written by Kathy 319
Lupus Foundation of America Seeks Proposals for Research Studies on Childhood Lupus and Stem Cell Transplantation Written by Kathy 393
Fallopian tubes could offer new stem cell source Written by Kathy 366
FDA Removes Clinical Hold From Aastrom Phase II IMPACT-DCM Clinical Trial Written by Kathy 388
Iraqi Doctor Uses Adult Stem Cell Therapies to Help Treat Patients Diseases Written by Kathy 396
Stempeutics demonstrates capability to produce stem cell based drugs for 10,000+ patients Written by Kathy 365
Landmark Stem Cells Trial Yields Positive Results Written by Kathy 374
Ottawa scientists discover new way to enhance stem cells to stimulate muscle regeneration Written by Kathy 313
Genetic Re-disposition: Combined stem cell-gene therapy approach cures human genetic disease in vitro Written by Kathy 360
Vitro Receives Adult Stem Cell Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office Written by Kathy 318
Three Surgeons in East Texas Are Successfully Integrating a Novel Stem Cell Procedure for Spine Surgeries Written by Kathy 684
International Stem Cell Collaboration Results in Discovery of Promising New Stem Cell Type Written by Kathy 316
Cytori Completes Enrollment in First Adipose Stem & Regenerative Cell Therapy Trial for Chronic Heart Disease Written by Kathy 306
Sight for sore eyes Written by Kathy 544
Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells Injected into Skeletal Muscle Can Repair Heart Tissue Written by Kathy 348
US company finds "safer" way to make stem-like cells Written by Kathy 361
Researchers plan trial for Lou Gehrig's disease therapy Written by Kathy 395
Cytori Reports Publication of Cardiovascular Preclinical Study; Adipose Stem & Regenerative Cells Improve Function in Heart Attack Model Written by Kathy 349
Adult stem cells cure child of sickle cell anemia Written by Kathy 360
Bioheart to Host Scientific Panel Discussion Written by Kathy 475
Study Findings Show Treatment with PVS-10200 Following Angioplasty and Stent Placement for Peripheral Artery Disease in a Porcine Model Reduces Intimal Area and Enhances Vascular Repair Written by Kathy 278
Stem cells hold promise in treating retinal degeneration Written by Kathy 350
Genetically engineered mesenchymal stem cells kill metastatic lung cancer cells in mice Written by Kathy 354
UC Davis opens horse stem cell lab Written by Kathy 422
Physician Organization Makes History by Publishing U.S.'s First Adult Stem Cell Guidelines (ASCTA Drives Safe Stem Cell Practices) Written by Kathy 339
Fate Therapeutics Granted Exclusive License for Stem Cell Modulators by Children's Hospital Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital Written by Kathy 331
NeoStem Expands Beyond Stem Cell Banking Written by Kathy 361
Cord Blood America to Acquire or Build Its Own Stem Cell Laboratory Written by Kathy 333
Cytori and GE Healthcare Form Partnership to Commercialize StemSource Products in the U.S. Written by Kathy 296
Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Free of Vector and Transgene Sequences Written by Kathy 301
Pervasis Therapeutics Granted Orphan Drug Designation for Vascugel® Written by Kathy 361
Menstrual Blood Stem Cells May Significantly Increase Yield of Cord Blood Stem Cells Written by Kathy 373
Bio-therapeutics company looking to avoid stem cell controversy with Duke clinical trials Written by Kathy 290
NeoStem Files Patent Application for Cosmetic Stem Cell Face Lift Technology and Expands Stem Cell Collection Network into New Jersey Written by Kathy 317
From connective tissue to bone Written by Kathy 347
Stem cells are going green to study autism Written by Kathy 351
Stem Cell Assurance and Traxxec Inc (TRXX.PK), launches Premier Services in South Florida Written by Kathy 404
A Major Breakthrough in Generating Safer, Therapeutic Stem Cells from Adult Cells Written by Kathy 322
Fat-Derived Stem Cells Might Treat MS Written by Kathy 359
Broomfield Clinic Patients Call Stem Cell Treatment 'A Miracle' Written by Kathy 399
Fat stem cells dog dodgy hips Written by Kathy 392
Cell transplants may cure deafness Written by Kathy 341
Equine stem cell technique to be trialled in human medicine Written by Kathy 350
UT Houston enrolls first patient in stem cell study for stroke Written by Kathy 392
World premiere in stem cell research in Montreal Written by Kathy 357
New technique invented to reveal pancreatic stem cells Written by Kathy 333
Stem cell therapy grows new blood vessels Written by Kathy 363
Adult stem cells revert to embryonic state Written by Kathy 304
Al Gore on board for $20M stem cell venture Written by Kathy 364
Stemedica Expands Globally With International Headquarters In Switzerland Written by Kathy 305
Stem Cell Transplants Restore Vision in Mice Written by Kathy 390
BBRI banking on adult stem cells Written by Kathy 388
New Stem Cell Treatment Lets Man Speak Written by Kathy 349
Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. CEO Tells Stem Cell Treatments from Umbilical Cord Blood Among Fastest Growing Therapy for Cancer and Leukemia Patients Written by Kathy 329
Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough by Sydney Scientists Written by Kathy 401
Combination Adult Stem Cell Therapy Improves Severe Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 299
After Heart Attack, Bone Marrow Stem Cells Increase Blood Flow Within Heart Written by Kathy 306
Scientists prove human heart can regenerate cells Written by Kathy 381
Amniotic Fluid May Provide New Source of Stem Cells for Future Therapies Written by Kathy 323
Researchers use adult stem cells for bone repairs Written by Kathy 387
Bone-repairing stem cell jab hope Written by Kathy 373
Heart Hospital of Austin First Site in World to Test Efficacy of New Adult Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Damaged Heart Tissue in Phase II Trial Written by Kathy 280
Researchers Decipher Blood Stem Cell Attachment, Communication Finding Has Implications for Leukemia Treatment, Artificially Culturing Blood Cells Written by Kathy 306
Researchers Uncover Stem Cell Pathway Written by Kathy 410
Wisconsin, Morgridge scientists excise vector, exotic genes from induced stem cells Written by Kathy 333
Stem Cell Therapy International, Inc. (Soon to Be "AmStem") Ready to Replicate Histostem's Success in South Korea on an International Scale Written by Kathy 315
Combination Adult Stem Cell Therapy Improves Severe Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 285
Adult Stem Cell Technique May Help Injury Written by Kathy 340
Stem cell treatment effective in heart patients Written by Kathy 349
Adult Stem Testes Cells From Human Testes Can Act Like Embryonic Written by Kathy 441
Renowned Stem Cell Researcher Files Study Results With Stemedica Written by Kathy 312
Chip-On-Chip and Gene Expression Used to Study How Yamanaka Factors Trigger Pluripotency Written by Kathy 321
Stem cells help foot bones heal Written by Kathy 350
CU-Boulder Research Team Identifies Stem Cells that Repair Injured Muscles Written by Kathy 305
Penn Veterinary Researchers Identify a Critical Growth Factor That Stimulates Sperm Stem Cells to Thrive Written by Kathy 308
The making of an intestinal stem cell Written by Kathy 375
Adult Stem Cell Therapy Used to Treat Type 1 Diabetes Written by Kathy 358
Stem Cell Administration Study Demonstrates Improved Quality Of Life For Patients Suffering From Spinal Cord Injury Written by Kathy 324
Medicinal miracle saves man's heart Written by Kathy 369
Researchers react to lifting of stem cell research ban Written by Kathy 352
Stem cells replace stroke-damaged tissue in rats Written by Kathy 361
Stem cells may repair breast cancer damage Written by Kathy 342
TissueGene Announces Regulatory Allowance to Initiate Phase IIa Study of TG-C in South Korea for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Written by Kathy 329
FDA Removes Clinical Hold From Aastrom Phase II IMPACT-DCM Clinical Trial Written by Kathy 360
Australian scientists develop stem cell survival technique Written by Kathy 346
Stem cells could halt osteoporosis, promote bone growth MUHC team describes a new pathway that controls bone remodelling Written by Kathy 312
BrainStorm’s Stem Cell Technology Demonstrates Efficacy in an Experimental Model of Parkinson’s Disease- Paper Published in "Stem Cells and Development" Written by Kathy 301
CU-Boulder Research Team Identifies Stem Cells that Repair Injured Muscles Written by Kathy 350
Technique may help stem cells generate solid organs, Stanford study shows Written by Kathy 385
Breakthrough method produces Parkinson’s disease patient-specific stem cells free of harmful reprogramming genes Written by Kathy 414
Stunning! Stem cells from adult cells Written by Kathy 337
Adipose-Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells Prevent Mortality and Reduce Kidney Damage in Preclinical Study Written by Kathy 290
Researcher Seeks to Turn Human Stem Cells Into Blood Vessels Written by Kathy 381
Canadians make stem-cell breakthrough In 'great advance' to research, scientists discover new technique that safely turns skin cells into stem cells, removing risks and complications involved in using the technology Written by Kathy 235
Researchers make nerve cells from new "stem" cells Written by Kathy 303
Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) Presents Positive Adult Stem Cell Results To American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Written by Kathy 325
New Developments in Umbilical Cord Blood Technologies Written by Kathy 508
NeoStem Obtains Exclusive Worldwide License to Innovative Stem Cell Technology and Applications for Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Therapies Written by Kathy 283
UT Houston launches stem cell study for acute stroke patients First study of its kind to use bone marrow stem cells to help repair the brain after stroke Written by Kathy 303
It Takes A Village: Cell Microenvironments Hold Key to Future Cancer and Regenerative Medicine Therapies Written by Kathy 300
Uses of fibroblasts or supernatants from fibroblasts for the suppression of immune responses in transplantation Written by Kathy 325
New Therapy With Stem Cells To Treat Crohn's Disease Written by Kathy 345
Cryo-Save Group Launches in India Written by Kathy 378
Governor announces Emerging Technology Fund investment in stem cell research at Texas A&M Health Science Center Written by Kathy 448
How do you mend a broken heart? Maybe someday with stem cells made from your skin Written by Kathy 326
World's First Cardiac Adult Stem Cell Trial to Take Place in Louisville Written by Kathy 365
First Patient Treated in Adipose Stem & Regenerative Cell Study for Stress Urinary Incontinence Written by Kathy 307
Japanese Stem Cell Scientist Announces Promising Results Written by Kathy 347
Damaged mice spines improved with iPS cells Written by Kathy 358
Switching on the body's regenerative system Written by Kathy 348
Vitro Receives Notice of Allowance for Adult Stem Cell Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office Written by Kathy 291
Pluristem Therapeutics Collaborates with the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Franziskus-Krankenhaus Hospital for its Clinical Trials in Germany Written by Kathy 349
ZenBio, Inc. Awarded $1.88 Million Phase II SBIR Grant for Mesothelial Cell Program Written by Kathy 311
Scientists Reverse Early MS With Patients' Own Stem Cells Written by Kathy 359
Banking on health Written by Kathy 401
PerkinElmer ViaCord Research Institute™ to Support Diabetes Research Efforts at University of Massachusetts Medical School Written by Kathy 379
Mesoblast stem cells approved for world first osteoarthritis clinical trial Written by Kathy 499
Mesoblast to Begin Stem Cell Study for the Prevention of Knee OA Written by Kathy 360
Pluristem Therapeutics Files an IND Application with the FDA to Initiate a Phase I Clinical Trial Utilizing PLX-PAD for Critical Limb Ischemia Written by Kathy 321
Osiris Therapeutics Takes Another Giant Step Forward Toward FDA Marketing Approval For Prochymal Written by Kathy 385
Vitro Announces Application of its Stem Cell Technology to Cancer Research & Treatment Written by Kathy 364
Newly Discovered Esophagus Stem Cells Grow Into Transplantable Tissue, Penn Study Finds Written by Kathy 369
Bioheart Announces Plans to Launch Clinical Trials in Europe and the USA for Second-generation Cell Therapy for Treating Advanced Heart Failure Bioheart Inc Written by Kathy 501
Scott & White doctors pioneering adult stem cell research Written by Kathy 382
Cytori Forms Commercialization Partnership with GE Healthcare Written by Kathy 435
"Scrawny” Gene Keeps Stem Cells Healthy Written by Kathy 339
Scientists 'Trick' Bone Marrow Into Releasing Extra Adult Stem Cells Into Bloodstream Written by Kathy 451
Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2008 Written by Kathy 388
Within Limits Testes Cells Resemble Embryonic Stem Cells Written by Kathy 459
Bioheart Reports Promising Results From Preclinical Study Of Adipose Derived Acute Cell Therapy Written by Kathy 530
Little wonders of science Written by Kathy 465
Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. Announces Filing An IMPD To Commence Clinical Trials Utilizing PLX-PAD For Critical Limb Ischemia In Europe Written by Kathy 336
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Adult Stem Cells
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